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July 13th, 2016. Day +1951. We will miss you Broadway.   1 comment

And just like that, it’s been another 4 months since our last blog update. With Amy being IMG_1451on this Facebook thing , (that I figured would never take off) I’m sure many of you have kept up to date with our daily comings and goings.

We’ve had a great 4 months. We celebrated Charlotte’s 8th birthday in May. We had a wonderful time with Charlotte’s friends and our families. I had another terrific Canada fishing trip with Grandpa Elske and this brother I have and some other great friends. It was a very enjoyable trip and I’m thankful I was able to go again.




DSCN2606We spent this past Saturday with the Badger Cancer Childhood network playing around at Little Amerrika, and we found an old friend! We were originally introduced to Gloria and Ina on the first weekend Charlotte was admitted to the hospital. Ina was diagnosed with AML as well when she was 2. Gloria was there to help us through some of the hard times and we’ve kept in touch using that facebook thing, but we haven’t seen each other since Charlotte was inpatient. Ina has been doing well and it was awesome to reconnect and share how our families are doing.IMG_1450








We have been very blessed over the years with our good friends and our families and our IMG_5663health. However, today we had to say goodbye to our not-often-mentioned-but-always-loved sidekick, Broadway. He has been in our lives since he was the cutest little puppy and he has been an absolute joy to have around.   He truly was an awesome dog and a great friend. We will miss him dearly and will always love him. He turned 13 years old yesterday.


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