December 18th, 2015. Day +1743. Charlotte’s yearly appointment with Dr Diamond.   2 comments


Molly, Katy and Charlotte

Dr Diamond and Charlotte.

Dr Diamond and Charlotte.

Today we visited the American Family Children’s Hospital for Charlotte’s yearly checkup appointment with her oncologist, Dr Diamond.  We had Charlotte’s blood drawn and her echocardiogram done last month.  Dr Diamond looked over the results today and was not disappointed.  It was great to see her again and hear that she thought Charlotte looked healthy and well.  We can’t hear that enough.  Dr Diamond is very near to our heart and had given us so much to be thankful for.  Charlotte’s WBC count was 4.5,  Platelets 254k, Hemoglobin 13.3 and 1800 neutrophils.

While we were there, we stopped on the 4th floor to see the nurses.  We saw Tony and Angie and Kristen and even got to see Katy again!!!  We also saw a mother walking her little bald boy down the hall pushing his IV cart.  She was seven months pregnant.  Boy did that bring back some emotional memories.  We will be thinking of them this holiday season and pray for the best.

I wanted to thank all of you for looking in on us this year.  I apologize that the posts have been few and far between.  But know that we are still here and doing well, even if I am not posting nearly as often as I once did.  Please think about the families this year who will be spending their holidays behind closed doors like those on the 4th floor.  And consider making a donation to a worthy charity, and donate blood as often as you can.

Thank you, and have a safe and memorable holiday season.


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2 responses to “December 18th, 2015. Day +1743. Charlotte’s yearly appointment with Dr Diamond.

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  1. Way to go Charlotte!!! Grandpa E

  2. Wonderful, wonderful news! Glad you got to see so many “angels” during this visit too! Merry Christmas to all!

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