June 1st, 2015. Day +1543 Happy 7th Birthday Charlotte!!   3 comments


And just like that, it’s been another three months with no posts from me.  Needless to say, it’s been a busy spring for our family, as I am sure it has been for all of you.  We have been enjoying the weather and the girls have been loving to play outside as much as they can.  Let’s see if I can give you rundown of the events over the last couple of months.


Yesterday was Charlotte’s 7th birthday!!!  How exciting is that?  We have all been looking forward to this day for a very long time.  We are so happy that she was able to celebrate with a few friends at our house yesterday with Charlotte’s special science themed b-day party.  All of the girls had a great time playing with the experiments we had set up for them.  They all got a little dirty and had lots of laughs.

This past Friday night was the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Man and Woman of the Year gala.  It was such a special event and Austin and Charlotte were honored as the Boy and Girl of the year and together the Man and Woman of the Year candidates raised $198,450 for the LLS!!!  NBC 15 anchor John Stofflet emceed the event and he was a pleasure to talk with throughout the night.  Amy had a heartwarming speech that left few dry eyes in the house.  What a wonderful night to be a part of and we look forward to going next year.  We are going to try to have Austin and Charlotte in the Columbus 4th of July parade this summer honoring them as Boy and Girl of the Year.  They should get a kick out of that!  Come to Columbus and wave to them!!

DSC09279Last weekend we had a celebration for my Aunt Judy and Uncle Jim for their 60th anniversary!  That was a great time at the Clyman Hall and their whole family was there!  Charlotte and Molly loved playing with their cousins and second cousins and would have ran around all night had we let them.DSC09239

The previous weekend the Elske clan headed out to Nebraska for my nephew Drew’s graduation.  The girls did great riding in the van for 10 hours and they had a fun time running around Aunt Lynn’s big house!!  Unfortunately, our stay was quite brief, so we had to leave just as we were getting used to seeing everyone again.

The last weekend in April, we headed to Schaumburg to meet Erin again!  She had been in the Chicago area all week for work and we were able to visit her over the weekend before she had to return to California.  We had an awesome time with her.  It’s like she has been a part of our family the whole time-the girls just adore her.  We shopped at Ikea, had a really cool time at Medieval Times, and spent the entire Sunday walking around an old time homestead and nature preserve, just talking with her and watching the girls run.

Sprinkle in a few birthday parties for cousins here and there, visits with Grandmas and Grandpas, countless school and girl scout events and we’ve got ourselves a busy season.

Here’s hoping you have a safe and happy summer!  Thank you for visiting our site!

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3 responses to “June 1st, 2015. Day +1543 Happy 7th Birthday Charlotte!!

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  1. It HAS been a busy spring living & enjoying life!!! Happy 7 years Charlotte!!!

  2. Thank you guys – congratulations and God Bless Charlotte and your family for a happy & healthy future – Our only child (22 month old daughter) was diagnosed with AML last week and we are just starting our journey in the Boston area. Your blog is truly inspirational and very helpful, thank you for sharing your experience and helping others.

  3. Happy 7th Birthday Charlotte! You have become such a beautiful and remarkable girl. It was wonderful to see all of you at the anniversary party and our grandkids want to know when they can come back to Wis to play with all the wonderful cousins! Family is so important and it’s so good to know we manage to keep in touch despite the distance. Charlotte is an inspiration to all of us and it’s so great that you are able to represent the battle of cancer is such a positive way. Keep it up – can’t wait to see all of you again!

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