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December 19th, 2014. Day +1379. Charlotte’s yearly clinic appointment.   3 comments


Charlotte and Dr. Diamond

We hope you all have had a wonderful and safe holiday season so far.  Ours has been very busy with school activities (Charlotte and Molly), holiday shopping (Amy) and egg-nog drinking (me)!!

Today Charlotte had her yearly clinic appointment with Dr Diamond at The American Family Children’s Hospital.  It’s always a very nerve-racking appointment and Amy and I have been both looking forward to, and dreading this day.  We very much want to hear that the doctors and nurses think she looks great and we want to hear them say that she is doing so well.   But we don’t like putting Charlotte through the blood draw and we are always terribly anxious to know what those CBC and Echocardiogram results are.  So it’s a good thing this day only comes once a year now.


Charlotte, Ashley, and Molly

She was very brave during the blood draw and sat through the echo like a pro!  We couldn’t have been more proud of her!  Dr. Diamond was impressed with how tall she is getting and how big Molly is getting too!  Dr. Diamond said she had no concerns and thought Charlotte looked “perfect”.  Her only recommendation is for Charlotte to have her first neuropsych evaluation this summer.  Just to help us assess cognitively how she is doing after everything she has gone through in her young life and catch any potential side effects from the nasty chemo she received.  Had Charlotte been older at the time of her BMT, she would have had this evaluation then too but since she was only 2yrs old we got to skip it at the time.  Dr. Diamond states she doesn’t think anything concerning will be found, but in the event there are concerns with her learning it’s better to know now rather than later.  Charlotte’s CBC results came in later in the afternoon and those too looked perfect.  Her WBC was 6.0, Hemoglobin 12.4, Platelets 273k and Neutrophils 2560.  (did you get those Jason?) We stopped in on P4 and saw some of our favorite nurses and they all mentioned how great Charlotte was looking, and how thankful they were that we remembered to stop in to see them.  It was a surreal feeling to now be 4 years out from diagnosis and actually not have all of the staff not recognize us!! Or they would recognize Amy and me, but Charlotte and Molly were complete strangers to them.  (Except for Ashley that is….she gave us the warmest greeting!!!)   We celebrated by taking a trip to Toys-R-Us when the nurse called us with the Echo results.  Those too were perfect.  So all in all, it was a pretty damn great day.

Thank you again for checking in on us and we just want to say “Happy Holidays” from all of us to all of you.  We hope you all have a blessed and magical Christmas season.



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