August 25th, 2014. Day +1263. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!   Leave a comment

It’s been a wonderful and happy summer!  We have all been keeping busy!  The girls are having a great time every day, and I am sure they will miss each other when school starts next week.  Charlotte will be entering first grade, while Molly will be starting 3k preschool for a couple of mornings a charlotteelskeweek.  Amy and I are both excited to see them start school and learn and grow like every other child is doing.

We just had to share this picture as it is an example as to why we are trying to raise more money for blood cancer research. At summer school this year, Charlotte was asked to draw a timeline documenting her life. Everything above the purple line are the good things in her life. In case you can’t read it, the good things include Disney World, up north, learning to ride a bike, her birthday, and her cousin Brett’s birthday. Also listed is her port….this is how the nurses administered her chemo, medications, blood draws, and transfusions during her leukemia treatment. She knew how it important it was for her for those months and that’s why she wrote it on there.  Never in a million years would we have ever thought Charlotte considered her port as something “good.”
The bad things in her life are below the purple line. She simply wrote two things: Dean and Leukemia.  Her Great Uncle Dean lost his battle to the same cancer as Charlotte had last year. Uncle Dean was one of Charlotte’s biggest supporters and we miss him dearly every day.
photo(2)Charlotte was so proud of her timeline and I had a horrible time fighting back my tears. I firmly believe that no one, especially a 6 year old little girl, should ever have to list leukemia on her timeline.
Please help us fund more research so that we can find cures for this horrible disease. Help us keep the word leukemia off of the ti melines of so many others. Please join our team in honor of Charlotte and in memory of Dean. There is no registration fee so I encourage you to donate to yourself when you sign up.

I am also happy to announce that we will be having a fundraiser night at the Columbus Culver’s on Monday, September 8th from 5-8pm. Charlotte’s Angels will receive a percentage of all sales during that time frame. Please come for dinner and frozen custard and support this wonderful cause.  Or let us know if you are interested in helping us volunteer!

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