June 5th, 2014. Day +1182 Charlotte turns 6!   4 comments

Saturday was Charlotte’s 6th birthday!!!  The lucky girl had two birthday parties.  One with her friends from school, and another at our house with family.  Both she and Molly had a wonderful time DSC07087and kept right on playing until bedtime.

On Sunday we delivered balloons to AFCH, 4th floor to hopefully bring a little smile to someone who is spending their Sunday there.  It was awesome to see some of her favorite nurses again and they all couldn’t believe how big she has gotten-Molly too!

After that we went to Chuck-E-Cheese and had a swell time again!  Lots of junk food.  Lots of excitement.  Lots of playing last weekend!!


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4 responses to “June 5th, 2014. Day +1182 Charlotte turns 6!

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  1. Looks like Charlotte now has her own Broadway! What an adorable cake and cupcake set. How wonderful the girls give back to the hospital and all the children working on their miracles. What a great birthday present! Hope to see you the end of June.

  2. Sounds like busy and enjoyable weekend for all. Belated Birthday Wishes to Charlotte. She share her Birthday with Lex Ann Bergmann! Auntie Mary

  3. Love that pic with all the balloons…ready to bring smiles to the families who are going through a tough time you know so well. Such a kind gesture. Happy 6th Birthday sweet Charlotte!

  4. Hey Lon,
    Back in the heart of this thing, I put a team together and rode in the Trek-100 for CJ. I won her a bike that you asked me to donate to the AmFam Children’s Hospital. We’ve just launched Tomorrow’s Ride, Inc. We’re a Fitness / Wellness non-profit and our mission is Improving Health & Extending Lives of Childhood & Adolescent Cancer Survivors. Our website will be up later this year, and I’ve got a few ideas for a role for CJ on our website and in our company. I hope your reach out to me. If you choose not to, just remember (when we’re bigger than Susan G. Komen) that CJ was our genesis and driving force! Glad she’s healthy and happy! Best wishes to you all!

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