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March 11th, 2014. Day +1096. 3 years since Bone Marrow Transplant.   3 comments


She’s just too cute!!

Three years ago today, Charlotte, and our family, received the best gift of all-A bag of stem cells donated by a complete stranger 900 miles away.  A bone marrow transplant was a crucial part of Charlotte’s treatment, and gave her a real shot at growing up that she may not have otherwise had.  We still feel that God played a huge role in this, as the first two people that were contacted refused to donate stem cells via bone marrow.  This delayed Charlotte’s transplant and added another round of toxic chemotherapy to hold the leukemia off until more donors could be contacted and tested.  Fortunately, the third donor on the list was Erin.  She stepped up without question and saved our daughter’s life.  We still have a long way to go in Charlotte’s journey but we are so proud of how far she has come.

I can’t say enough about all of the people that have touched our lives since we started writing this story.  Without all of you, we would have been lost.

Thank you Doctor Gindlesberger.  For taking Amy seriously when she thought something was wrong.

Thank you Doctor Wagner and Doctor Dvorak.  For taking the extra test that led to an early diagnosis.

Thank you Katy.  For welcoming us to this frightening world.

Thank you Doctor Diamond.  For giving us hope-hope that seemed out of reach too many times.

Thank you Tracy.  For making me laugh when I’d rather not.

Thank you Doctor Desantes.  For your wisdom and dedication to your work.

Thank you to the staff at AFCH.  For everything you do.  Every day.

Thank you Erin.  For your selfless gift of life, love and laughter.

Happy New Blood Birthday!!

Happy New Blood Birthday!!

Thank you to our family.  Without your love and support, this would have been unbearable.

Thank you to our friends.  For putting up with us, and our rules during all of this.

Thank you Charlotte.  For always wanting to be yourself.

Thank you Molly.  For sometimes taking the back seat, even though you are just as deserving to ride in the front.

Thank you Amy.  For taking care of our family in ways that I couldn’t have done myself.

Thank You God.  For creating all of the pieces of this puzzle.  And Thank You for making them fit.

I vividly remember a conversation I had with Dr. Diamond during one of our early stays.  I was feeling a little more relaxed about our situation.  Kyle was helping me cope in my job and Cheryl was assisting Amy with her schedule and duties.  I remember seeing several families that had to leave their child at the hospital while both of the parents worked every day.  They didn’t have a job where they could flex their time and borrow from next year’s vacation pool.  They didn’t have co-workers donate their own time off to them.  They needed to show up at work, all day to keep the insurance going while their child stayed behind without them.  I actually felt like it was sort of a blessing that, because we had such a great support system in place,  we were already bearing this weight and not a family that couldn’t make it work.  I told Dr. Diamond that if it happened to us, maybe it wouldn’t have to happen to someone else.  All Dr. Diamond could say was that it would happen again.  And again.  It brought me to tears right there.  And still does to this day.  Every day in the US, 36 children are diagnosed with cancer.  That’s thousands of families each year that are thrown into a scary, uncertain world.  We were extremely lucky in that there were several possible donors on the marrow registry.  That is not the case for everyone who needs a transplant.  If you haven’t already done so, please consider joining the National Marrow Registry by visiting Be The Match  or  DKMS.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and positive thoughts.

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