December 3rd, 2013. Day +998.   5 comments

Wow….almost at 1000 days!!!  I just wanted to write another long overdue post to let everyone know that we are still doing well and enjoying the wonderful and blessed holiday season.  Today Charlotte had her yearly eye appointment to check for eye related graft vs. host and everything looks great.  He doesn’t recommend that CJ continue to see him any further unless Dr Diamond thinks it needs to be done.  So that might be one less appointment to worry about.  We see Dr Diamond again on December 26th for Charlotte’s 6 month labs and also an DSC_0682EKG/Echo.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving day at Lyle and Jenny’s place last week.  Molly and CJ were so happy to play with Julia, Meredith and Sydney.  They were tired and completely worn out by the end of the night.  Jenny took this nice picture of us, probably one of the few that might have captured all of our smiles and open eyes.  We are so thankful for all of the blessings in our life  and we just want to again say thank you to our family, friends, Erin, AFCH staff, and every one of Charlotte’s Angels who have prayed for and supported us in one way or another.

In the spirit of the holidays, if you are in the mood for a real tear jerker, I have a Christmas movie suggestion for you.  In late 2011, “The Heart of Christmas” was released.  It’s now available on DVD, Netflix and it’s even on YouTube.  It’s the true story about the family of Dax Locke, a little boy who lost his battle to AML-M7 in late December 2009-the year before Charlotte was diagnosed with the same disease, and how the community rallied around the him and his family to bring the Christmas spirit to his neighborhood before he passed away.  Some of you may be hearing the Matthew West song of the same name playing on the Christmas music channels, or another one he did called “One Last Christmas”.  Both of the songs were written about Dax and his family and, once you watch the movie,  will likely make you think twice about being thankful when you hear them.  We knew about the movie shortly after it came out but were unable to bring ourselves to watch it in 2011.  I talked with Dax’s mother a few times over email and she is such an inspiration to us and anyone fighting this terrible disease.  Amy and I watched “The Heart of Christmas” last year and are very glad that we did, though it wasn’t an unemotional time for us.   It is a very touching and heartwarming story, and really brings home the true meaning of Christmas.  We hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season.

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  1. I watched that movie a week ago and thought of your family through all of it. It was very heartfelt.
    Wishing all of you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR. and know you are very much in our hearts and prayers. What a beautiful picture of all of you. XOXOOX sharon schulteis

  2. Happy Day +999!! Never going back to triple digits! So thankful for this post, and for Skype, and for email, and for you. I’m blessed to be apart of your family. I’m hoping to see you all very soon and hope you have a wonderful month of love and celebration. ❤ Erin

  3. Wonderful news – glad to read all is going well.

  4. SO much to be thankful for! “Our cups runneth over.” 🙂

  5. Such wonderful news!! The family photo is fabulous!! The girls are growing so fast it’s difficult to keep up! Will consider the movie you mentioned. I’m familiar with Matthew West, but the next time I hear these songs, I’ll be thinking and listening with more diligence and compassion for a special family. May God bless you all with a Christmas and New Year filled with His mercy, grace, and peace! Love these snowflakes . . .

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