September 17th, 2013. Day +921.   1 comment


CJ holding up her immunization chart with all of the shots now crossed off!!!

Last night we celebrated another small milestone.  Charlotte is now done with her childhood immunization shots (again).  The chemo conditioning she went through in preparation for the bone marrow transplant often wipes out any immunizations that the patient has had and Charlotte was no different.  She had tests done after her transplant to determine if she was still protected from MMR, Chicken Pox, etc and she wasn’t.  So she had a schedule of another 16 immunization shots drew up over the next two and a half years and last night were her last!!!  It’s another small milestone, but we will take it!

We wanted to send out a reminder to consider donating to the Wisconsin Make-A-Wish by going to Charlotte’s team page.  Every little bit helps another deserving child receive the wish of a lifetime.

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  1. Every celebration of these “little” milestones is so wonderful to hear! and I don’t think having to get all your immunizations over again is a little thing, not something most adults would want to go through, let alone at Charlottes age. Have a wonderful fall!

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