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July 14th, 2013. Day +856.   5 comments

DSC05745It has been a busy month for the Elske clan.  Charlotte and Molly have been loving the warm and sunny weather and have been spending as much time outdoors as they can.  Both of them are still enjoying playing DSC05720together and are getting along so well.

I was able to spend a week in Canada in June on my fishing trip and we all had a swell time.  During that week, Grandma Wagenknecht took a spill at her house and tore a few tendons in her ankle.  She will be spending another month in a boot but the Drs think she should heal well on her own.   Grandpa Elske came back from the trip and had his gall bladder removed since it was giving him trouble for the last few months.  He is about fully healed and is doing well.   Then on July 1st, Grandma Elske had surgery to have her hip replaced since it has been very painful for several months.  She is now out of the hospital and is doing well but she has a long road ahead of her with rehab and exercising it.  Grandma and Grandpa Wagenknecht have been stepping in for Gma Elske and watching the girls while Amy and I are working.  Charlotte and Molly love having them around and are enjoying the quality time they are now getting.

Charlotte started summer school last week, and she loves it.  She gets to take her lunch with her this time and she is doing so well with that.

This past Thursday, Charlotte had her first clinic appointment since early March.  Dr Diamond was very pleased with how good she was looking and she continues to grow as she should.  We received some information about the chemo regimens she endured and the side effects associated with those.  We now have a roadmap for watching out for those side effects over the rest of her lifetime.  Her CBC numbers were DSC05722wonderful: 5.6 WBC, 12.5 Hemoglobin, and 233k platelets.  Dr Diamond wants to see her again in another 6 months.

The girls and I just got back from Chicago tonight.  We spent another weekend down there visiting with Erin, Charlotte’s bone marrow donor.  She was in Chicago for the weekend from Philadelphia so we couldn’t go without seeing her!!  We had a wonderful night Saturday night and spent most of the day together today until we needed to get our tired girls back into the van so they could rest on the way home.  Erin is such a blessing to all of us.  Not only do Amy and I think the world of her for what she did for Charlotte, but both of the girls absolutely adore her.  Yeah, I think we adore her too.



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