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CJ enjoying all of the valentines from her wonderful classmates and teachers!

DSC04961I just wanted to write a little note and tell you all that life is good here.  Two years ago today we received word,  via her pre-transplant testing, that Charlotte was finally in complete remission.  No evidence of disease found!  It was very welcoming news heading into the vast unknown that was transplant.

We have been very blessed and lucky and our little girl is now thriving.  Today Charlotte was extremely happy!  We have found out that she loves Valentine’s Day!!  She had a wonderful day at school. She worked all week writing out her valentines and was so eager to pass them out to her friends.  And she loved the evening Valentine’s Day party at the elementary school tonight even more where she was able to sing and dance. We had tears of pride and thankfulness watching her sing with her class.  Such a small thing for some, so immensely huge for us!   It is such a joy to see her interact with other children, who know nothing of her past, as if they have grown up together all along.

We ask that you pray for 4 yr. old Austin and his family as he undergoes his pre-transplant testing this week.  He is only two weeks away from his transplant date.  We know how scary it can be for his parents and hope and pray for the best for all of them.

We just wanted to say “Thank you” to all of you who continue to check in on Charlotte and us.  We feel so privileged to be able to tell her story to you.  Since September of 2010, this site has been visited over 147,000 times!  And in the last year alone, it has received visits from over 50 different countries!

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