January 21st, 2013. Day +682   3 comments

It’s been another month since my last post(!) and I have just been too lazy to let everyone know that life is still good for the Elskes.  We had a wonderful Christmas with our girls and our families.  Charlotte and DSC04766 Molly are still thrilled with their new gifts they received and play with them and each other constantly.  Amy and I were just happy that we were all together again to celebrate!

We enrolled Charlotte in a basketball class in Beaver Dam last weekend.  Every Saturday morning she will be learning the fundamentals of the game and improving her skills.  She had a really fun time last week and I hope she continues to enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed watching her!

We are working on potty training Molly and Charlotte loves to help!  She is truly a fantastic big sister and she is so proud of Molly and each of her new accomplishments!

DSC04756We spent half an hour the other night skyping with Erin, Charlotte’s bone marrow donor!  It was such a fun time and she loved seeing the girls.

We would like to ask you to continue praying for my Uncle Dean as he continues treatment for his MDS and AML, for Austin as he progresses into transplant next month, for Jeremy as he enters the second 50 days post-transplant, for Amy’s brother’s father-in-law, Art, as he has recently started treatment for CLL, for Kate as she is at St Jude’s and received her second transplant, and for Sophie as she has relapsed again after her transplant at St Jude’s, and for all the other children and families who are spending their nights in hospitals instead of staying warm at home.

God bless you all.

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3 responses to “January 21st, 2013. Day +682

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  1. Actually it’s been over a month, but who’s counting?!? I just love going on and seeing the girls smiling faces and reading how well they are doing. I’m sure Charlotte will excel at basketball if she’s anything like her Dad and Uncle Lyle and potty-training Molly should be easier with her big-sister as an example. Stay warm up there. Continued prayers of thanks and healing to everyone.

  2. Being an awesome big sister must be in her DNA! (And hamming it up for the camera too!) Loved seeing you all last week and looking forward to more pictures and updates and Charlotte continues to do great! Many prayers to all those still battling!

  3. Hey Lon, thanks for asking for prayers for Jeremy. It’s been a blessed +50 plus days at home and we’re thankful for your continued prayers. And thank you again for keeping this blog so detailed. I find myself digging through your archives as Jeremy’s recovery progresses. Glad to read that Charlotte and Molly are doing well and being the best big sister and best little sister.

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