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December 14th, 2012. Day +644.   5 comments

DSC04712Life continues to be good for the Elskes.  Amy and Charlotte were on the Z104 radiothon last week to raise money for Wisconsin Make-A-Wish.  All of the DSC04689stories I heard were so heartwarming.  It was hard to drive home with tears in my eyes.  On Sunday, Amy and I took CJ and Molly to the UW campus to talk to a group of students that will be spending a week volunteering at the Give Kids the World Village.  What a wonderful opportunity and we are truly jealous!

Charlotte’s 21 month post transplant appointment was today so we were back in clinic to see Dr. Diamond this morning.  Charlotte had the worst time yet getting the poke in her arm to draw blood.  It took Amy and me, as well as Nani (our favorite) and the phlebotomist she was training to hold Charlotte still while they drew the blood for her CBC labs.  Charlotte was so upset that she couldn’t calm down even 5 minutes after that when we started our appointment.  The NA had to take her blood pressure twice because the machine couldn’t read her the first time since she was so worked up.  It was a quick visit with Dr. Diamond though as she thought Charlotte looked great and said “We’ll see you in another three months!”.  We briefly stopped up on the fourth floor to visit with the nurses and doctors.   We saw many of Charlotte’s former nurses including Jill, Darlene, Natasha, Ashley.  They all thought Charlotte was doing very well and couldn’t believe how big she (and Molly) has grown.  We even saw Dr. Sondel, who was very good to us while we spent our time there.  He was also happy to see how well Charlotte was looking.  Her labs were:  WBC 6.5, Hemoglobin 12.7, 321K platelets, and 2470 neutrophils-Perfect!

DSC04686We brought a bag full of child themed band-aids for when the 4th floor kids get pokes or shots.  Charlotte always loved picking out the bandaid after her trauma in the poke room, etc…

We then stopped at Macy’s in Hilldale to watch Charlotte and Molly mail their letters to Santa.

Please keep your prayers coming for the many families that aren’t home, or don’t have reason to celebrate this holiday season.  We didn’t spend a lot of time at AFCH today, but we were there long enough to see how full the 4th floor (oncology) was.  It’s so sad to think how many children have gone through those doors since our last visit.

Have a safe, and blessed Christmas.  Thanks for checking in on us!

Lon and Amy Elske

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