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October 20th, 2012. Day +589   4 comments

And just like that, it’s been almost a month since I’ve last written.

But it has been a good month.  Charlotte is doing well in school and she is having lots of fun with the new friends she is meeting there.

A year ago, Amy and I were wondering how we would celebrate Charlotte’s one year post transplant mark.  And many of you may know that Charlotte has loved Disney’s Imagination Movers for a long time.  Their TV show was instrumental in getting her mind off her treatment at least one round of chemo when she was first diagnosed.  It was all she wanted to watch on TV for days at a time.  So when we saw that the Movers were coming to IL  for a concert, we knew we had to take her.   They even offered a VIP package that allows you to attend a private party after the concert with the Movers and get some pictures.  We signed up that night and looked forward to the end of March.  In February, we received notice that the concert was being postponed for several more months while they were filming new episodes for Disney Junior.  Today was the new concert date.

Charlotte loved the concert.  Heck, Amy and I loved the concert.  They really are a funny bunch of guys who put on a great show!  The VIP party was incredible.  We were able to meet the Movers in person and Charlotte didn’t want Amy or me in the picture!  Mover Rich is her favorite and she was able to hug him a couple of times and we got some fantastic pictures!  It was a few months late, but we couldn’t have thought of a better way to celebrate!

I received some communication a few weeks ago from another father of a 2 year old with a rare AML diagnosis.  He found Charlotte’s site after looking for AML blogs and stories.  The really ironic part is that his wife was also pregnant when Jeremy was diagnosed.  They just celebrated the birth of their second child and so far things are going as well as they could hope.  He will also be headed to transplant soon.  We will be praying for Jeremy and his family.  You can follow his journey here:
Late this week, we also heard that Austin, the four year old from Fall River who was diagnosed with ALL in May, 2011, has relapsed.  He is now back at AFCH receiving more aggressive chemo and his family was told that he will require a transplant as well.  There will be another marrow registry drive in the area in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned.  Follow Austin’s progress here:



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