September 13th, 2012. Day +552   4 comments

Charlotte had her three month oncology appointment today.  We met with Dr Diamond again who said CJ is looking really good.  Dr Diamond was thrilled to hear that Charlotte was not using her nuk anymore and she loves to hear that she is having fun in school.  She is impressed to hear that Charlotte and Molly are getting along nicely and can’t believe how much she is growing.  Charlotte’s CBC numbers were “perfect, perfect”.  WBC 4.3, Hemoglobin 12.4, Platelets 245k and 1400 Neutrophils.  When Molly wanted to get examined on the table as well, Charlotte set her straight.  She said “No Molly, you can’t do it.  I’m the one who got the poke”.  It was a great appointment.
We then made a stop on the 4th floor to visit some nurses.  Charlotte got to see her two favorite nurses of all time-Katy and Tracy!  She even got to see Natasha who is probably right up there on her list.  All of them were so happy to see how well she is doing.  And they were all so surprised to see how big Molly is getting!  It was a very nice visit, but we couldn’t stay long…


Charlotte was invited to be one of the Wish children to help with the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Grand Opening of the new Madison area Make-A-Wish office!!  We left the hospital and arrived downtown for the festivities. Charlotte even got up and talked into the microphone (both Charlotte and Daddy were on Channel 3 news at 6pm tonight!) about her Wish Trip to all of the people attending!  It was a terrific time and all for a great cause!  We are so excited to have such a wonderful organization have an office so close.  We will be seeing many of them again in a week and a half at the Walk for Wishes and Amy is already looking for ways to volunteer.  We are so overwhelmed with all of the wonderful support for our team (Charlotte’s Angels).  We have 30 walkers on our team and have surpassed our $2500 goal.  But because this is for a phenomenal cause, we will keep asking for more.  Don’t forget to sign up if you haven’t already!


Charlotte’s Angels Walk for Wishes Team Site

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  1. Charlotte is the perfect spokesperson for Make-A-Wish and she (and you – Lon & Amy & Molly) will bring so much hope to so many families. What a wonderful gift you are giving to others sharing your story and seeing what prayer, hope and medical technology can do for individuals in need. Thank you!

  2. Aw! What a wonderful post! Charlotte is just too sweet! What a special little girl.

  3. “Perfect! Perfect” That word is incredibly awesome!! What a girl she is — so brave and so loving! Loved her reply to Molly when she wanted to be examined, too. Really cute! And on the other hand, I will be in prayer for Bob and his family. May they be wrapped in a comforter of God’s love, and may He give them strength and courage to face the coming days.

  4. Oh what cute pictures! Glad the appointment went so well and you were able to see some of those wonderful nurses. My friend, Sarah, said she saw Lon & Charlotte on TV! 🙂 We’re excited to Walk for Wishes this weekend! That is so awesome that Charlotte’s Angels will be sponsoring another child’s wish, what an ultimate way to give back!

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