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August 26th, 2012. Day +534   5 comments

I apologize, but apparently I’ve been pretty lazy this last month.  No updates, no nothing…that just doesn’t seem right at all.
It’s been another terrific month at home.  I spent a week fishing in Canada, we all had fun at the Dodge County Fair, and Charlotte has been loving the weather.  She is outside several times a day catching bugs.  The girls are getting along great…for the most part.  Each still gets mad when the other takes her toys, but I think that is to be expected.  They are both getting over a cold, but both of them have been in quite good spirits and great sleeping through the nights!

Charlotte has been doing really well.  We are trying to prep her for starting school (4k) after Labor Day.  I think it will be a huge milestone for Charlotte, Amy and me.  I am sure there will be tears of joy from all of the parents dropping their kids off that day, but our tears will have been hard earned.

On Thursday I did a presentation at the Clyman Lions hall about Charlotte’s diagnosis and treatment.  It was a pretty nervous time for me as I am not much of an orator.  I much prefer to write.  The backspace key doesn’t exist when you are talking in a room full of people.  But after the successful benefit the Lions Club threw for us after Charlotte’s diagnosis, it was the least I could do.  I hope it was informative for everyone.  I have been a Lions member for many years, and I would have told you before the benefit, it is a terrific organization.  I think everyone could benefit from attending a meeting and maybe signing up to be a member.
If you are interested, please take a look at their website.  The Lions clubs around the world do great things.

Charlotte gave Amy and me a serious scare last weekend.  While playing, she hit her leg pretty good on a chair, and Grandma E warned us that it was a good whack, but the bruise that resulted was huge and angry looking.  Combine the bruise with the fact that this was the time of year Charlotte was showing her first AML symptoms two years ago, and you have a recipe for a few days of freaking out!!!  Amy and I spent several nights talking about the scary possibility that this could be Leukemia rearing its ugly head.  We even discussed what day we would be calling the nurse practitioner and maybe getting some blood work done if it didn’t improve.  It wasn’t a conversation we enjoyed having, but it was something that is always in our minds.  I don’t know how many years will have to pass before it isn’t something either of us think about at least once a day.  But Charlotte’s legs started to look better after 5 or 6 days and a week and a half after her incident, there is no evidence of any bruising.  We are very blessed and thankful she is doing so well.

Please continue to remember my Uncle Dean and Elske family friend Bob Sennhenn.  Both are still battling their cancers, and could always use your prayers and positive thoughts.

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