July 11th, 2012. Day +488   3 comments

I just wanted to write all of you quickly to ask you to send prayers and positive thoughts in the direction of my Uncle Dean this week.  His leukemia relapsed at the end of May, and he is currently in Houston talking with the good doctors at MD Anderson Cancer Center.  I pray that all is going well with him and Sharon.

I wanted to remind everyone who was considering coming to the Mallards game to please use the following link to purchase your tickets. 


The Mallards information is highlighted in yellow.  By purchasing through the link, Make-A-Wish will receive  the $2 donation per ticket.

Also, how cute is this?


We are going to be getting another team together to do a little walking (just a little while, none of this overnight horse hockey stuff again).  Please let us know if you would be willing to join our team or if you would like to donate to a very worthy cause!


Thanks for checking in on us!

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3 responses to “July 11th, 2012. Day +488

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  1. Adorable video!! If we lived in town we would certainly be at the game and attend the walk. I hope you take lots of pictures!

  2. How cute is this???? Got goosebumps watching it and hearing her sweet little voice sound so happy and healthy!!! And we’ll keep Dean and Sharon in our prayers. God bless you all!!

  3. TOTALLY Cute! I watched it several times–she’s a natural! Made me tear up remembering what you all have gone through…

    Cheryl Batterman

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