June 18th, 2012. Day +465   2 comments

I am sorry for the late post.  We have had another busy normal summer weekend!  How great does that sound?  Charlotte’s appointment went well on Friday.  But she was very upset while getting the poke in the arm to draw blood though.  I guess we can’t blame her for that.  She has been poked and prodded a few times over the last couple of months getting her immunizations all over again.  She was a strong little fighter in the blood draw room, but fortunately we drew Nani, one of our favorite phlebotomists from our days at P4.  She soon found CJ’s vein and was able to get her samples in no time.  After that Charlotte calmed down quickly.  We met with Dr Diamond for the first time in over a year and she was very happy to see Charlotte’s progress.  CJ’s numbers looked just as good as she did.  Her Hemoglobin was 12.6, WBC 5.9, and she had 310k platelets and 1640 neutrophils-All within normal ranges, and we are happy to see that.

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2 responses to “June 18th, 2012. Day +465

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  1. “Normal.” What a sweet sound that is!

  2. What an excellent post! I hope you all have a wonderful “normal” summer.

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