May 24th, 2012. Day +440.   7 comments

“After” haircut picture.

CJ’s “before” haircut.

Looky looky-another two weeks have gone by and life has been just grand.  On Mother’s Day, we all headed to the Madison Zoo.  Both of the girls had an awesome time and we will be sure to hang out there again soon.  We spent the last couple of weekends hitting garage and rummage sales which Charlotte loves to do!  She usually tries to get us to buy her something from every sale we hit, even the not-so-kid friendly sales like antiques and tools.

This week has been a very busy week!  On Monday the four of us drove to Meriter to see Aunt Jenny and Uncle Lyle with their new baby Sydney.  Charlotte couldn’t wait to hold her!  On Tuesday, Charlotte had her very first haircut!!!  It was a very happy time for Amy and me and she did such a great job.  She was very excited to be there and had no problems at all with getting her hair trimmed.  She looks so cute with bangs now!  Then on Wednesday, Amy and I woke up at 4:30 so we could get ready to take CJ into Madison again to Meriter for her “dental reconstruction” surgery.  They were right on time getting her into the room and again, she did great!  The very nice Dr Tony ended up giving Charlotte 4 crowns and 12 fillings!!!  He hammered and drilled and squeezed on all but 4 of her little teeth!  But in true Charlotte fashion, she surprised us by waking up from her sedation quite happy and was eating and drinking in no time.  She will have to go back now in 6 months for another checkup, but hopefully we now have this problem behind us!

CJ all by herself for the Make-A-Wish photo shoot.

CJ holding baby Sydney Grace

Today Amy took Charlotte to her Make-A-Wish photo shoot.  She is one of the 2 children from the Madison area that Make-A-Wish is featuring for their next Walk/Run in Madison in September.  She had a great time posing for the pictures and they even took audio and video of her so she may wind up on a commercial.  You would never know to look at her how much she has been through!

We are busy preparing the house and yard for our family to come over this weekend to celebrate Charlotte’s 4th birthday!  This is going to be another really awesome day for Amy and me and we are just so excited for her to have her cousins around and hopefully play in the yard and just have a good time like normal 4 year olds do!

As always, thanks for checking in on us.  And please remember to keep all of those kids in the hospital in your prayers.

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7 responses to “May 24th, 2012. Day +440.

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  1. Wow – Charlotte’s so grown up. I guess I’ve missed the updates. Looks and sounds like everything is going super at the Elske house. So happy for you all. And a BIG Happy 4th Birthday to Ms. Charlotte.

  2. Today’s post made this grandma cry all the way through (of course, happy tears.) It is so great seeing you do normal and fun things most children do. I bet you loved all the animals at the zoo. It’s fun to go to rummage sales, you never know what “treasures” you will find! Holding baby Sydney is so very special, another cousin to play with… Your haircut is so cute (just like YOU!) So glad the dentist could save your teeth, and you didn’t feel a thing….We can’t wait to see pics from your photo shoot. Looking forward to your 4th birthday party and all the fun you will have! Gramma & Grampa E.

  3. A new hairstyle and a new baby cousin and new teeth! Wow, you go, CJ! You’re doing fine and you’re looking good!! Hope your birthday gathering is full of memories and laughter and hugs and kisses! God be with you all!!

  4. What a week! I love Charlotte’s hair. It’s such a pretty color! I hope you guys have a wonderful time celebrating her 4th birthday!!

  5. Your first haircut!!!!!!!! You are beautiful. Such a busy week for you. I heard that you were quite “the model” during your photo shoot. Can’t wait to see the pics and hope we see advertizement for Make a Wish on TV here. We are again so happy for all the “normal things” you are doing. Enjoy snuggling Sydney she is adorable. Will see you this weekend for Cedarburg flea market and fun with your cousins, then your birthday party on Monday. Your busy week continues with fun. Love you and can’t wait to see you.

    Grandma and Grandpa Wags
  6. I’m sure Charlotte had a wonderful birthday – something all of you deserved! She is growing up so fast and turning into a beautiful little girl! The world can only be a better place because of her and all of you!

  7. Happy Birthday Charlotte! Love the hair cut! Hope to see you all soon.

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