May 5th, 2012. Day +421   5 comments

Holy schmoly.  It’s been a month since I last posted.  There is just no excuse for that!

Life has been terrific the last four weeks.  In the middle of April, Amy was able to go on a Mexican cruise for a few days and she had a good time.  It was the longest she has ever been away from the girls so she had a hard time leaving them (probably).  The girls were so great while Amy was gone, I almost told her to stay longer!

Charlotte and Molly have been awesome.  They have been active and playful and super cute to each other. Once in a while one will want the toy or book the other is playing with-so then we get both sides of the story with whining and crying.  But they soon end up happy and apologizing to each other in their own ways.  They love to go shopping, and play outside as the weather gets better.  They do still like to wake up about two minutes after the sun comes up, but are usually happy to start their days.

Charlotte went in yesterday for her pre-op (for her teeth repairs on May 23rd) physical and more immunization shots.  Dr G. said she looks great.  Amy couldn’t have been more proud of how she acted towards the nurse and doctor.

Thursday between 9-10am Amy and I and the girls will be interviewed for the 96.3 fm Champion for Kids Radiothon for AFCH fundraising.  We were invited to participate last year but we both thought it was too soon for us to talk about our experiences so publicly.  We are excited  but nervous to be involved in such a wonderful event.

Charlotte has also been invited to be a FrontRunner for the 2012 Make-A-Wish Walk & Run for Wishes fundraising event on September 23rd.  We will have a team and more information to follow.

We are still recruiting walkers and donors for Charlotte’s Angels Relay for Life team on June 8th in Columbus.  If you are interested in joining our team please sign up at the following link, or let Amy or me know.  For the first 20 people who register to walk, we will have t-shirts printed with Charlotte’s picture for you to wear during the walk, and everywhere else you go.

Charlotte’s Angels Relay for Life team website

CJ with a Band-Aid on her cheek. She claims she was injured playing with blocks.
She is just fine:)

But the really big super awesome news is that we heard from Charlotte’s marrow donor.  We received her contact information late last week and needed a day to construct our message to her.  We sent Erin an email last Friday night thanking her for the gift that she has given to us in the form of a real chance for Charlotte to grow up cancer free.
Amy and I waited, wondering if we wrote too much or emailed too soon.  Mainly we just hoped she received it and was receptive to our words.
Our wait was short.  On Monday Erin returned our correspondence with an equally honest and open email about herself and the reasons behind how she came to be on the Marrow Registry.  Amy and I both cried through her email while we were at work!  What a wonderful way to start the work week!!  We are truly thankful for everything she has done for Charlotte and for us.  We are also thankful that she is interested in communicating with us and learning more about our family and our journey.  Thank you Erin!

On a sadder note, Neal Rylatt lost his battle with leukemia last night.  He and his family had a wonderful Make-a-Wish trip to Lourdes, France and he was able to see lots of his friends from school and college before he passed.  Cancer has claimed another young man too soon, and He has created another angel.  I hope Mitch and Neal enjoy many a ping pong game in Heaven.

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5 responses to “May 5th, 2012. Day +421

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  1. We will also see your Thursday the 10th! We have chosen the 11 am slot!

  2. There is so much good news in this update but I want to start by saying how sorry I am to hear of Neal passing. It is heartbreaking to know the fight that he, Mitch and others have gone through just to see it end like this. I’m so very sorry. I’m sure there will be many ping pong games in Heaven.

    I’m glad you guys decided to do the AFCH Radio-thon this year. What a wonderful way to give back to an amazing hospital and give other parents out there HOPE by sharing Charlotte’s story. I bet the girls will think the radio studio is super cool. 🙂

    Looking forward to the 2 walking events coming up too! Again, awesome ways to give back and celebrate life!

    I got chills when I read that you contacted Charlotte’s donor and she responded! I’m sure she has thought about her recipient as much as you have thought about her since the transplant! What a wonderful new relationship to start. Thank you Erin for giving such a precious gift! You are a hero!

  3. I want to “like” Aunt Jenny’s comments about Erin!!! Brought tears of gratitude for such a self-less act! Erin rocks!

    Cheryl Batterman
  4. Such wonderful news! I, too, “like” Aunt Jenny’s post. Well said, Aunt Jenny!

  5. I’m so glad to read all this good news, and sorry to hear about Neil. The girls are just adorable!

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