April 8th, 2012. Day +394.   5 comments

Charlotte enjoying being home from transplant one year ago today.

Charlotte received her first round of childhood immunizations on Thursday.  She was a big girl and didn’t put up too much of a fight, even though she knew what was coming.

CJ showing off her manicure from Mommy!

Unfortunately, catching her up on the immunizations means monthly shots through July with either 2 or 3 shots each visit.  But then she’ll get a break until March of next year. It’s also getting hard to reward Charlotte for her medical procedures/tests after all of the special gifts from the hospital and supporters.  The nurse offered her the customary sticker, but she politely refused stating “I have stickers at home.”  So Mommy took her to Target instead and she happily picked out a special item in their $1 section.   Today is also the one year anniversary of Charlotte’s release from the hospital following her transplant.  It has been an entire year since we have spent a night in a hospital-and what a magical year it has been!  Charlotte has continued to impress us with her progress, mentally and physically.  She has a little less energy compared to other kids her age and still loves/needs her daily 2-3 hour nap, and she is still mistaken for a boy once in a while because of her short hair, but she is every bit a regular almost-four-year-old and we love that.  We know she has a long way to go before relapse is no longer a threat, and Amy and I both know that we may never stop worrying about her, but we have had a year.  Another 365 days that we may never have had without Charlotte’s selfless donor, the fantastic staff at AFCH, and the prayers and positive thoughts from all of you.



Charlotte running around the playground today.

We are setting up the website for our Relay for Life team for June 8th at the Columbus High School athletic track.  Relay is a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.  It is a 24 hour event  in which at least one member from each team is always walking a lap on the track.  Cancer never sleeps, so neither do the teams.  Please check out “Charlotte’s Angels” team information using the link below.  Here you can sign up to be a walker if you’d like or become a donor to our team.  Feel free to make a comment on the blog if you have any questions.  If you are interested in being a walker, please let us know what time slot you would like as we will have a master schedule ensuring that we have a team member always on the track.

Charlotte’s Angels Relay for Life team website

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5 responses to “April 8th, 2012. Day +394.

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  1. Charlotte looks wonderful and it is hard to believe it’s been a year. Here’s to many many more years. Hope you all had a very Blessed and normal Easter!

  2. What a wonderful year for all of you and what a blessing for where you all are a year later. I love Charlotte”s Pixie hair style. Does Mommy have time I think I’ll have a manicure too. Enjoy each day. Love Auntie Mary

  3. Truly a “magical year”! Her hair is growing, she has a manicure, and she’s running and playing! And the naps? Hey, I still love my naps! You’ve gone through a lot as a family, and here you are one year later – stronger, more compassionate, more encouraging to others going through this same trial of faith. May God in His grace bless you all with many, many more “magical years” together!

  4. What a year! I’m so happy for all of you!

  5. Just joined the Charlotte’s Angels Team!

    Cheryl Batterman

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