March 27th, 2012. Day +382. Charlotte’s one year post transplant dental exam.   3 comments

Charlotte had her one year post transplant dental exam on Friday.  Amy called me with the results and said, “I’m totally a cancer Mom.”  Her teeth are not in the best condition.  Charlotte has very serious enamel damage to about 4-5 of her teeth resulting in decay that will require fillings, crowns, and possibly extractions.  Amy told me that the dentist and assistant kept apologizing that she would have to go through all of the fillings, etc and Amy just kept telling them that after what CJ has been through, we will take it.  Rather than having several return visits to the dental office, her dentist recommended that we actually try to fix all of the teeth while Charlotte is sedated so that we can just get them all done at once.  There’s no reason for Charlotte to start fearing the dentist this early.  It means another trip to the hospital for the sedation, but again, if this is the worst of our worries at this time, I don’t know that either of us will complain.  Amy was so proud of Charlotte at this first dental trip.  The office was so kid friendly and Charlotte happily ran after the dental hygenist to her chair where she proceeded to brush the teeth of an alligator.  She allowed them to check her teeth (thank goodness), brush them, and “paint on” a fluoride treatment.  She was awarded two coins to later choose two prizes from the dental vending machines.  We’re so happy with choosing this dentist and think Charlotte will actually be happy to return there again.

The dentist told us that this is not uncommon after such chemo treatment regimens and the extended period of time that she was so immunocompromised.  They also state that they would like to do x-rays to see the status of her teeth that have yet to emerge as they could also be affected by the chemo.  A call to Charlotte’s NP confirmed that this is quite common as she stated the high dose chemo just strips the enamel off of the teeth.   We double checked the transplant binder and found the same information and even mentioned that children under the age of 3 during transplant typically have the worst damage to their teeth.  Neither Amy nor I remember hearing much of this information in our pre transplant meetings, but we were probably still stuck on some of the more important facts and concerns so we probably just missed it…

We also have all of the results of her immunization titers.  It looks like Charlotte will have to get all of her childhood immunizations again over the next couple of years.  It stinks that she has to go through all of the shots again, but it is a small price to pay knowing her immune system is right where the doctors expect it to be at this point.  We also let the donor center know that we would be interested in releasing our contact information to Charlotte’s donor if she were interested in finding it out.  So we’re excited about that next step.

After returning home from the dental appointment on Friday, Amy checked her email and received a wonderful surprise.  There was an email from the National Bone Marrow Registry stating that she is a potential match for a patient!  With tears in her eyes she called me very excited and then proceeded to call the registry immediately.  She answered some basic health questions and was informed some more about the donation process….which she already knew about.  The patient is in the very early stages of discussing treatment options and his/her doctor just wanted to see if there were any potential matches on the registry before they even really discussed transplant as an option.  So…..this could turn out to be nothing and Amy was told that if she does not hear anything in the next 2 months to consider the issue done.  But Amy is so excited as she has only been on the list since December 2010.  This would be the ultimate way in giving back.

Please keep praying for Mitch.

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3 responses to “March 27th, 2012. Day +382. Charlotte’s one year post transplant dental exam.

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  1. So much wonderful news!!! The possibility of Amy being a donor is awesome! And in the scheme of things, CJ’s teeth are fixable. She’ll have an absolutely stunning smile when the dentist is done with her. Actually, her smile takes my breath away already 🙂 I love, love, love hearing her sweet little voice, and watching her tickle Molly under the chin, and the sweetness that just seems to radiate from her. She lights up the room with her presence. What a blessing she is, and what a testimony you have.

    Thanks for letting us know about Mitch. I’ve been following his progress on CaringBridge and praying for him and his family and his circle of caregivers. Sounds like some fabulous people! May God bless you all.

  2. Oh my Great God! I burst into tears reading about Amy’s call. What a blessing just to be a match! Charlotte continues to thrive and grow, and she is turning into quite the beautiful young lady already. Still crying tears of thanksgiving for Charlotte’s miracles, and will continue praying for some miracles for Mitchell and Ryan. Love you guys

  3. Charlotte’s 2nd chance at life is wonderful to hear. Having to get her immunizations a 2nd time only enforces the newness of life she now has. The pictures of her are so precious and she is growing up quickly. Keep the great news coming!

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