March 20th, 2012. Day +375.   4 comments

Amy and I would like to ask for your help.

We really need prayers for 18 year old Mitch.  Early Sunday morning, he had his right lung removed due to the aggressive fungus that was found.  He is now in a medically induced coma to enable his heart and lung to gain strength to allow him to recover from surgery.  As of their last posting, he had a fever and there was concern that the fungus had spread into his bloodstream.  His family has gone through the wringer over the last year and a half, and they are on our minds constantly.  At AFCH, we very much enjoyed talking to Mitch’s mother, she is a very kind and genuine person.

Would you please take a moment to write a thoughtful note on the guestbook of his caringbridge site:

Amy and I also are running out of ideas…we are planning on putting a team together for the 2012 Columbus/Fall River area Relay for Life on June 8th in honor of Charlotte.  Registration is tomorrow, and we have very few “totally awesome Charlotte-esque” team names.  So if you have an idea, would you please let us know by making a comment?  At some point, we will also be asking for donations and volunteers who might be interested in doing some of the walking.  I will walk the entire 24 hours if I have to, but my legs and my stinky shoes would probably prefer a break in there somewhere…We are very excited to watch Charlotte walk the survivor lap!

Thank you all so much for thinking of us.

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4 responses to “March 20th, 2012. Day +375.

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  1. Since I’m the luckiest auntie to have such wonderful nieces, I am submitting my team names for consideration for the upcoming RFL…..Charlie’s Angels, Fightin’ CJ, Charlotte’s Miracles, Charlie’s Purple Burples. Yes, Auntie Lynn has an imagination. So many more prayers for Mitch, and prayers that the coma will allow his body to heal again.

  2. When it comes time to volunteer and walk on Charlotte’s behalf and in her honor, call on us! I just came from Mitch’s CaringBridge site with a word of encouragement for him and the family. I looked at some his photos, and my heart aches for them. I love these photos of the girls!!! What a wonder they are! Thank you for sharing their playfulness and fun times with us!

    Lord, please be with all of the “Mitches” and “Charlottes” and struggling people.

  3. I have been saying many prayers for Mitch and his family. I went and saw Dawn after work Monday night to give her a hug. I had a wonderful work day Sunday talking with Lyle, whom I found out is Charolette’s grandpa. You guys are an inspiration to us in our own cancer dealings with Austin. Lyle and I shared some tears and I loved hearing about Disney and am looking forward to that being Austin’s Make A Wish as well.

  4. Love Aunt Lynn’s suggestion “Charlie’s Purple Burples”. So glad to “catch up” with your blog and know that things are going well. Welcome to your next stage of your new “normalcy”!

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