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February 19th, 2012. Day +345.   1 comment

We wanted to write a quick post and let everyone know about a couple of important things.

Charlotte with the dove she made in Sunday School.

There will be a blood drive this Thursday at the Columbus Faith Lutheran Church from 11:30-5:30.  We will also be signing people up to be on the bone marrow registry.  If you are able, please try to attend.  Amy and I still have a long way to go to make up for all of the blood products Charlotte received during her treatment.

Yesterday we received some sad news.  Neal, one of the AML teenagers in the hospital, and a neighbor of CJ’s during her transplant stay, has been sent home with palliative care.  His relapsed leukemia has not been responding well to the tough treatment he has been going through.  He has fought harder than most should have to and we will never stop praying for him and his family.  It’s a rotten reminder of this disease and the heartache it can cause at any time.

We went to church this morning and Charlotte and Molly were great.  After the service, our pastor Jim suggested Charlotte stop in on the Sunday School class.  She had a great time with the wonderful teachers and the other kids.  It was her first school type experience and she did so terrific!  We couldn’t be more proud.


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February 8th, 2012. Day +334   3 comments

Charlotte had her monthly clinic appointment yesterday.  We had lots of fun showing the nurses and doctors pictures of Charlotte’s wish trip.  They were all so happy for her.  Both Dr DeSantes and Sharon said she is looking great!  I really think we could hear that forever!  We spent most of the hour discussing the appointment next month.  It will be her one year post transplant appointment so she needs to get a complete workup again to see how damaging the chemo was to her organs, etc.  She will need another optical, dental and hearing exam as well as an echo-cardiogram.  She will also have lots of labs drawn.  She will have the engraftment study done (to see how much of her blood is from the donor) and an immunization titer.  This test will check her levels to see if she has any remaining antibodies left in her bloodstream.  It is highly likely that the chemo from the transplant has killed it all off and she will need to receive all of the childhood vaccinations again.  Her CBC numbers were not ready by the time we left, so we had to find them out this morning.  Her WBC was 6.8, hemoglobin-12.9, platelets-417k and 3730 neutrophils.  The platelet level is a little high but nobody seems worried about that so we aren’t either!


Thank you so much for taking the time to follow up on her progress!

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