January 10th, 2012. Day +305   8 comments

imageCharlotte had her monthly clinic appointment today.  She was once again very well behaved for the blood draw, but she still doesn’t like to be held down while they find and access a vein.  Like always, she recovered quickly and we were out in the hall only to find her first primary nurse Katy!  They were both so happy to see each other and enjoyed a quick visit.

We were able to see Dr. DeSantes and the NP.  There were lots of smiles in the room as they both agreed she looked great and Amy and I were both happy to hear that.  Fortunately, her CBC results came in while we were still talking Disney with them.  Dr DeSantes asked Charlotte if he could come with her to Disney World and she jumped up and down saying “Yes!!”  Her WBC was 7.0, hemoglobin 12.9, 279k platelets, and 3320 neutrophils.  As Sharon put it, “Beautiful”.

After the appointment we headed over to the UW Hospital to see my uncle.  He is getting his first round of chemo and we are happy to report he is doing well.

Disney here we come!

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8 responses to “January 10th, 2012. Day +305

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  1. Great news!!!

  2. Excellent way to start off the trip! Have safe travels and make sure you get our phone numbers from your Mom & Dad – call us if you need anything!

  3. Wonderful to hear Charlotte’s numbers were good and that you got to see nurse Katy & Uncle Dean too. What a great visit all around! Now…let the Disney magic begin!!!! 🙂

  4. What wonderful news. We wish you a once in a life experience with your family. Have a wonderful time and enjoy every minute. Can’t wait to see the pictures and hear all about it.

    Joan & Bob Sennhenn
  5. Yay!! So glad to hear the tests went well. I was thinking about you guys. Now you can just focus on FUN at Disney! Sorry to hear about Lon’s uncle; I don’t think I knew was ill.

  6. It sounds just fabulous all that good news. Have a wonderful time and especially enjoy the warm weather. We called ahead and said temperature must be perfect for the crew Going to Florida from Columbus, Sun Prairie and Amy’s family. The best to all of you. Prayers have certainly been answered.

    Uncle Jim and Aunt Judy
  7. Have a wonderful and safe trip to Disney! Hope the weather is perfect.

  8. So glad tests were good. Enjoy your trip!!

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