November 10th, 2011. Day +244   2 comments

Just wanted to send a quick update.  Charlotte slept restfully through the night and was very happy when she woke up this morning.  Last night the fevers never got higher than 99 and she has been fever free all day (knocking on wood).  She has been nothing but happy all day today-not complaining about her port area hurting and she took a nice long nap this afternoon.  So we are hoping it was just part of the little cold she and Molly are going through.

Please continue to pray for Mitch, Neal and Alyse and Kate.

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2 responses to “November 10th, 2011. Day +244

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  1. Thanks for the update – continued prayers that Charlotte and all of you continue to stay healthy and only have these little colds!

  2. thanks for the news glad all is going well.

    Joe & Sue Kaminski

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