October 31st, 2011. Day +234   4 comments

We just wanted to send out a big thank you to everyone that was able to attend the blood drive on Thursday.  I think over 120 people donated blood, and we signed up 22 people on the bone marrow registry!  What a terrific turnout for a good cause!

We had a great weekend.  We spent Saturday night in Jackson-the first time since before CJ’s diagnosis.  And we had fun trick-or-treating on Sunday in Columbus.

Wednesday of this week, Amy and I will go to the hospital for a panel discussion about the nursing during our transplant.  Then hopefully we will be heading up north for an extended weekend with Amy’s family.

Next Wednesday we have a scheduled surgery time for Charlotte to get her port removed.  It is a big step for Amy and me, but we know it needs to be done.  It makes us feel better knowing that Dr DeSantes is concerned more about serious infections than anything else at this time, so she needs to get rid of that soon.


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4 responses to “October 31st, 2011. Day +234

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  1. Happy Halloween little pumpkin and lobster! What cuties! Congratulations, kudos and thank you to all who came out for the drive last week in Columbus! Sending lots of love & hugs from Nebraska

  2. What adorable costumes and so wonderful to hear you guys are out and about and enjoying life. Sending prayers for Charlotte’s surgery next week, one more step towards normalcy!

  3. Extremely cute costumes! I just got word that my donor information was received for the bone marrow match registry. Hopefully, someday I can be the match for someone as special as Charlotte. Prayers coming your way for a successful surgery next week.

  4. Many prayers and tons of good thoughts for breezing right through Wednesday’s procedure.

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