September 22nd, 2011. Day +195   3 comments

Well looky here.  It’s been another week since my last post.  Things have been great at home.  Sunday night we took Charlotte shopping to Kohls.  It was the first time she has been out in public without her mask in quite a while!  She loved it.  Afterward, we went to Benvenutos for a terrific meal.  She loved that too!  She has been free to eat strawberries and blueberries again!!!  She went through 3 half pints of blueberries in three days!

We are busy preparing for Molly’s baptism this coming Sunday.  We wanted to get it done right away but church would not have been a very good place for Charlotte to be during the last year so we put it off until we had some sort of idea of when she might be off isolation.  We are still concerned about going this weekend, but we look forward to being there with so many caring people.

Please say some prayers for Mitch.  He is an 18 year old AML patient who was in the hospital with us this spring.  We saw an awful lot of him and his family.  He finished his chemo rounds in July and less than two months later, after spending only two weeks at college, he relapsed and is back at AFCH.  He will go through more harsh chemo and likely has a BMT in his future as well.  We pray for him every day.

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3 responses to “September 22nd, 2011. Day +195

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  1. So good to see Charlotte being a normal three yearold girl again. Looking forward to Sunday and Her and Molly’s coming out. Love you kids . G’pa E

  2. thank you for the picture of Molly she is so cutte like her sister. II love the video. Good Luck to all this weekend.

    Joe & Sue Kaminski
  3. God’s Blessings oto Molly on her baptism. So happy that Charlotte can enjoy her days out.

    Uncle Dean & Auntie Sharon

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