September 16th, 2011. Day +189   9 comments

Just a quick update this morning.  Sharon called us and gave us her numbers from yesterday.  As we already knew, her CBC results were fine, and her CD4 results were back.  Her isolation test numbers needed to be over 200, and Charlotte’s were 312-so she is officially off isolation!

We told CJ the good news-that she wouldn’t have to wear a mask anymore-she could care less.  But when we told her she could have strawberries and blueberries again, boy did she get excited!  So we will plan a grocery store run this morning to get a few of her favorites.

This is all good news.  But it is still very early with her new immune system so we still need to keep her protected from people that are sick or could be contagious.  This means if anyone in your household is sick, you are likely contagious, and please keep your distance.  Our doctors say that a person is contagious 24 hours before symptoms show.  Her risk of a major infection is still very high and a simple low grade fever will send her back to the ER for a poke.  Our plan is to start bringing her back into public shortly, but we need to do this slowly.  So if we happen to decline an invitation, please don’t take it personally.

Have a great weekend!


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9 responses to “September 16th, 2011. Day +189

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  1. TWO THUMBS UP! Streaming tears of joy, I cannot read this and yesterday’s post enough times! So many miracles, so much gratefulness, and an abundance of love. Thank you, Lord, for hearing our prayers, for reaching all our friends and family through this and other media, and thank you for giving healing to Charlotte.

  2. Happy days are here again!!!!!

  3. the news is fantastic, wonderful Doctor’s; parents; nurses and grandparents and especially all the prayers that went for charlotte’s recovery are now be answered. We will still keep praying for the Lord’s continued healing hands on Charlotte. Jason, Kellie and Daniel are up here this weekend and they were very happy with the good news also. Will be great when we all can see Molly and Charlotte and of course Mom and Dad again. Many thanks for the notes and pictures of Molly …. what a doll!

    Uncle Jim and Aunt Judy
  4. Woo hoo! Wonderful, wonderful news! All of your diligence and persistence in keeping Charlotte safe in isolation has paid off big time! Enjoy the strawberry & blueberry fest at you house! Would love to see pictures of that. 🙂

  5. Congratulations on all the great news – bet those will be some of the best tasting strawberries and blueberries you’ve ever had!

  6. Make a big banana split with all her favorite fruits on and everyone sit down and enjoy. What great news.. Such percious girls you have,


  8. AWESOME news! So many prayers – so many miracles! God truly hears all our prayers. We look forward to seeing the whole family out and about. Much love…

  9. I am so excited by your good news. Each day brings you all new and wonderful experiences with your girls. I know you are loving every moment of it!

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