August 30th, 2011. Day +172   4 comments

CJ playing again with some of her favorite toys

We had a terrific day at the clinic today!  Charlotte was extremely cooperative with the nurse and Sharon (the NP), and even gave her a hug goodbye.  Dr DeSantes also stopped in and saw her quickly.  He was silent, but was smiling.  We are still on schedule for only two more weeks of Cyclosporine,then we should be done!  We will also have the CD4 test in two weeks to determine where her immune system is at and whether she will be off isolation or not.  She will need an eye test done in two weeks to watch for sicca (dry eye), a side effect of the BMT.  There will also be another engraftment study done which measures the percentage of her blood vs the donor’s.

Her appointment was at the end of the day today so we weren’t planning on getting any CBC results back.  We brought Molly along and stopped back up on 4th floor to visit the “old family” for a little while.  Charlotte saw one of her favorite nurses, Katy, and they played in the play room for a little while and got reacquainted.  We saw other nurses and Drs as well.  They all commented on how great she looked-and she was in her mask the whole time.  I think they would be more impressed to see her smiling so much.  Everyone couldn’t believe how big Molly was getting and most were surprised to know that she was 9 months already.  It was nice to visit, but it felt better to leave again!

As we left, we stopped back in at the clinic to see if her numbers happened to be back from the lab.  We were in luck!  Her WBC is 3.7 (normal is 4.0-12.0), hemoglobin is 11.4 (11.5-14.5), platelets are 284k (160k-370k), and she had 1930 neutrophils (1400-6600).  Her magnesium level was at 2.1 (1.7-2.3) today which is plenty awesome so we can also discontinue the twice-a-day mag tablets which destroyed the taste of Charlotte’s milk.  She loved her nightly glass tonight!  Between how well CJ and Molly behaved and the numbers today, it was a really swell day.

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4 responses to “August 30th, 2011. Day +172

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  1. Such a wonderful checkup – you must of smiled all the way home and then some!

  2. Great news all around! Glad you got to see Katy again and play for a little bit but I’m also happy that you got to leave too. AFCH is a great place for short visits now. So proud of you guys and Charlotte! 🙂

  3. So happy for all of you to get a good report Molly is getting so big next thing you know the sisters will be walking hand in hand.Enjoy the dog days of summer Love Auntie Mary

  4. Glad is all is well. Hope you got alot of fish. Charlotte is looking so good.

    Joe & Sue Kaminski

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