August 3rd, 2011. Day +145   5 comments

Sorry for the tardy posts as of late.  Life is still pretty good here in Columbus.  Charlotte has been about as normal of a three year old as we could expect.  She likes to play.  She likes to run around the house and yard.  She likes to pick on her puppy.

Molly is a happy little girl who likes to eat and doesn’t like to take long naps.  Once in a while she will sleep for a couple of hours.  But sometimes, when we think she is very tired and sleepy, she will stay down for less than an hour…I think she spends a lot of her days like her dad does…rather be eating or sleeping.

We had a clinic day yesterday afternoon.  CJ was not very cooperative with the NP when she wanted to examine her so she put up quite a stink.  I really think she must be feeling better because she is starting to think that even every two weeks is too often.  But we were still able to stick with the tapering of the cyclosporine, we are now down to just twice a day!  Hopefully we might be able to get that down again in another two weeks.  We didn’t get any of her numbers back until today because the appointment was late in the afternoon.
Her WBC was 5.0, platelets are at 347k, neutrophils were 2740 and her hemoglobin was 11.2!  So all of her numbers are looking great!

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5 responses to “August 3rd, 2011. Day +145

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  1. Tears of absolute joy for such beautiful numbers! What a heartwarming post to hear of how normal things are.

  2. Late posts are great – since it seems they are late because you are all getting back to a sense of normal. So happy for you all. Keep enjoying the summer!

    Kim Kirchberg Lafler
  3. Yea! It’s great to hear things are going so well. I’ve been hoping no posts meant things were going really well!

  4. Super yay!!! Go Charlotte Go! You are all doing so great with Charlotte’s recovery. Two thumbs up from Sun Prairie! 🙂

  5. Wonderful News Keep up the good Work Charlotte. Great to hear Mom and Dad got away for a few hours last weekend. Hope they remember how to enjoy each other (as a Couple) enjoy the summer. Auntie Mary

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