July 26th, 2011. Day +137   5 comments

It’s been another terrific week in the Elske house.  Charlotte and Molly have been great.  Charlotte’s energy is continuing to come back.  We notice her getting up in her bed and going up and down the front steps with more ease.  She helps us pick up the fallen walnuts in the backyard.  She is so cute wearing her little Dora gardening gloves!  She has been really enjoying her time with Grandma E while Amy and I are at work.  And Sunday Grandma W was able to come over and spend a little time with the girls too!  They loved that.

We had no clinic day today so her CBC numbers will have to wait for another week.  We celebrated the nicer weather tonight by getting out CJ’s bouncy house and she had a swell time!


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5 responses to “July 26th, 2011. Day +137

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  1. so wonderful to get these updates 🙂

  2. Amy and Lon you both have done a wonderful job these last 9 months, it’s something no one wants to go through, but you two have come through with a GOLD Medal. Those girls look just perfect and looks like it will be a race which one gets the long hair first, it’s so nice to see that Charlotte just loves her little sister and is not jealous of the affection she gets. We have all enjoyed the notes this past 9 months, but nothing compares to the good news we are getting now, the Lord is wonderful and we know you have a long way to go yet, but the future looks great. Have Faith. Much Love, Uncle Jim and Aunt Judy

    Uncle Jim and Aunt Judy
  3. love Peanut’s new hair!

    Cheryl Batterman
  4. What beautiful moments captured in photos. Charlotte’s energy and happiness show clearly as she’s jumping in the bouncy house. The love between sisters, even so young, is visible in the closeup of the little Elske girls. Prayers continue for life as normal in your household.

  5. How beautiful the girls are!! It is so good to see and hear Good news. God bless you all and continue to send healing and hope and JOY!! You are so loved. I am in awe of your strength and courage and Faith lived out each day. Hugs and love to you all. You are always in my heart and mind ( feeble though it may be..)and prayers!

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