June 28th, 2011. Day +109   11 comments

Thank you all so much for your prayers…today was proof they are working.  Charlotte’s numbers were beautiful today!!  Her hemoglobin only increased by 0.1 today, but it was a tremendous sign that it went up rather than down.  Her WBC, platelets, and neutrophil count all increased wonderfully too!  Dr. Desantes ordered special testing today to check for the autoimmune disease.  So far the initial results look good.  With a smile, Dr. Desantes told us “we’re fine today” which is about as optimistic as he gets.  He still wants us to return next week just to confirm things are still looking good, but if the numbers come back again like today’s, we can again look to spacing out the clinic visits.

We also received a surprise today in day treatment.  We were prepared for Charlotte to receive her monthly Pentamadine and IVIG, but we were told on arrival that she no longer gets the IVIG since she’s 3 months post BMT.  This is great as the Pentamadine only runs about an hour vs the IVIG running close to 2 hours.  We have also been given the okay to discontinue her blood pressure medication (still have to check it 3 times per day) and we are told that we should be lowering her Cyclosplorine next week.  Her magnesium levels were also awesome today so Amy is keeping her fingers crossed that we might be able to either lower or discontinue that supplement.  It tastes so awful and it’s becoming more and more challenging to get Charlotte to drink it when mixed with a liquid.  We both think she would be sooooo excited to actually drink milk again with nothing in it!!

Again, thank you for the wonderful thoughts and prayers.  Happy 4th early everyone.

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11 responses to “June 28th, 2011. Day +109

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  1. What a great entry. It makes up for all the questionable news the previous posts have been. Charlotte is becoming more of her old self again. Happy Days Are Here Again. G’ma and G’pa E

  2. Sounds like a awesome weekend and great Clinic news today. Continue with each and everyday with Thanks as you and all move forward. Auntie Mary

  3. YES! Love to hear all the good news. Keep up the good work Charlotte!!

  4. Two thumbs up!

  5. Such wonderful and amazing news! Happy Independence Day to you all as well!

  6. NESCO is eagerly awaiting the return of Amy to the office–as this means Peanut is on track to recovery!

    Cheryl Batterman
  7. Yea!!!! 🙂

  8. What great sounding news. I check always to make sure everything is going good and it seems all is on track now.
    Great the whole family is back together again.

    Joe & Sue Kaminski
  9. Hip. . .Hip. . .Hooray! Hip. . .Hip. . .Hooray! Hip. . .Hip. . .Hooray! Good reports for Charlotte this week and it’s wonderful to see Broadway back in the neighborhood! I miss reading your blog when we’re at the cabin but I check it soon after we arrive home. Hang in there Elske Family. . .Everything seems to be sounding like her progress is improving as each and every day goes by. Every Sunday when we’re at church we continue to have all of you in our prayers as well as in the prayer chain and individual personal prayers. Happy 4th of July! With Love & Friendship, Judy Vale

    Jim & Judy Vale
  10. Such wonderful news! Our God is an awesome God!!!!

  11. Yea! So glad things are going well and you’re family is now just as it should be!

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