June 26th, 2011. Day +107   9 comments

And…….he’s back!  After approximately 9 months away from home, Broadway Joe (aka Bubba) is back home in Columbus.  We decided it was time to be a complete family again.  So this morning we drove to Jackson (something else we haven’t done since last Labor Day) to visit a bit with Gma and Gpa Wags and bring our “son” home.  Charlotte was so excited to get Bubba.  All day yesterday she kept pleading to go get him, but we had other plans for the day (see below).  Her smile was so huge this morning when we finally told her we were leaving.  We tried quizzing CJ about what she remembered about Jackson, but could tell she didn’t remember much.  But the memories definitely came flying back once she was there because she instantly remembered what toys were there, the best spots to explore in the yard, and that she just simply loves visiting her grandparents.  She immediately told Amy and me to “leave” (Molly was allowed to stay) so that she could play with Gma and Gpa herself.  We also briefly said hi to Uncle Scott, Aunt Kim, and Cousin Brett outside their house.  Again, it’s been way too long since CJ saw them last.  She seemed a bit shy, but also gave them some smiles. There were definitely tears when we had to leave Jackson,   but thankfully Broadway kept the ride home entertaining so CJ was quickly smiling once again.  And Molly is showing her approval of having Bubba back too….she just smiles and screams at him.  I would like to apologize to all of our neighbors and to those that walk, run or bike past our house, as Broadway will surely remind you all he is back too!  I am sorry squirrels.  Sorry bunnies.  Sorry birds.  Sorry Becky, Judy and Tom.  Sorry to Tagger, Brewer, and Doug.

The red arrow in the upper left of the picture shows where CJ's room was for rounds 1 and 2. Click on the picture to enlarge.

As for Saturday, Amy and I got to check off one more promise kept to CJ.  During Charlotte’s first two rounds of Chemo, her hospital room (click on the picture to the left) overlooked the Waisman Center that included their very large playground.  Many times during the seven weeks she spent in that room, she would look out her window at the only thing worth looking at (unless you liked watching  Madison Metro buses chug powerlessly up the hill, or a beat up old shed in some guy’s yard) and plead with Amy to go play.  It just broke our hearts, especially since this part of life was so new to all of us, but Amy promised Charlotte that someday, somehow she would get to play in that playground.  We never knew how we would do this as the playground is a part of their preschool….not open to the public.  But about a month ago, we were contacted by the Waisman Center inviting Molly to participate in a research study about infants and language development.  Normally, one would receive a book, T-shirt or $ for participating, but Amy declined those gifts and instead asked if we could let Charlotte play on the playground and they happily agreed.  So while Molly volunteered for the study (she did great by the way), CJ and I had the entire playground to ourselves and she was thrilled.  Honestly, CJ has no clue that her room overlooked this playground, but Amy and I do.  So we know this particular promise kept means more to us than Charlotte, but she still had a fabulous time.  So for being on isolation….we actually had quite a busy weekend.  It was great!!!

Tuesday is again clinic day and Amy and I are cautiously optimistic that CJ’s numbers will be back on track.  She is not showing any signs of fatigue, moodiness, or paleness (which a low hemoglobin count would cause).  She has in fact been quite active, taking long walks both days this weekend.  She is also not showing any symptoms of the possible autoimmune disorder Dr Diamond had us looking for.  She’s been sleeping and eating great too.  So please keep those fingers and toes crossed (and prayers too) that all will be good.

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9 responses to “June 26th, 2011. Day +107

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  1. It is great that you have the whole family back together. Crossing my fingers, toes, arms etc that all goes well for Charlotte tomorrow.

  2. What a great post! So good to hear that everything is goind well.

  3. YEah, yeah, yeah, yeah…. love your post!

    Cheryl Batterman
  4. Now you know that if I keep my toes crossed, I’ll fall flat on my face! LOL!! But I certainly will keep Charlotte and her posse lifted up in prayer before our mighty God each and every day! Such good news in your blog!! What a weekend of family, fun, and more family. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your happenings with us!
    P.S. I’m pretty sure that prayers will work better than the crossing of toes and fingers. I mean, how could I have sent this with my fingers crossed??? Ha! Ha!

  5. How wonderful to see smiles, Broadway and Charlotte outside visiting and playing! Continued prayers for many, many more happy, fun-filled days outside!

  6. So excited to hear that Broadway is home (helps Lon with the testosterone balance of the house!) Kirby can’t wait to mee the dog that inspired us to adopt her. Maybe later this fall everyone will be up to a crazy puppy.

  7. We loved every minute that you were at our house. We miss Bubba but he is home as he should be and CJ looks so pleased to have him there.

    All our love and all our prayers.

    Grandma and Grandpa Wags
  8. Welcome home, Broadway! Praying for a great day at the clinic today.

  9. Welcome Home Bubba! So happy to hear that the family is all together again. Broadway will surely help Charlotte get healthier everyday…kids & dogs have that special bond. 🙂 The girls were so excited to see a picture of Broadway on the blog! Fingers crossed for some good results today. Go Charlotte Go!

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