June 22nd, 2011. Day +103   6 comments

CJ picking out stickers at her clinic day

Just a quick update.  As we may have mentioned in earlier posts, Amy and I truly believe that Dr DeSantes is an awesome doctor who cares deeply about CJ and all of his other patients.   That being said, we have found that he can be pretty hard to read so we were unsure about what all of this meant.  To ease our minds, last night Amy had emailed Dr Diamond to ask her opinion of the numbers this week.  This morning she responded with more information about the other causes Dr DeSantes told us about.  She also said “These changes do not suggest in any way a recurrence of leukemia.”  So we feel better now.  We hope that this week passes uneventfully and that next week the numbers tell us things are back on the up and up.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and positive thoughts!  We will let you know more when we do!

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6 responses to “June 22nd, 2011. Day +103

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  1. What an update! Thank you for all the information, and for sharing with everything the ups as well as the downs of this journey. Continually praying for Charlotte’s ongoing healing and growing immune system. Can’t wait for the day to come visit and play! Love you guys

  2. So glad that the Doctor was able to give news to reassure your hearts and minds! When the days may seem to be longer between visits and new blood results, etc., make it a point to take your concerns to God and do your best to rest in His arms and in His loving kindness. This helps me get through those difficult times that life seems to hurl at us. May He bless you all with His peace.

  3. 🙂

  4. I updated everyone one at church Sunday for Charlotte marked her 100 day since here bone marrow transplant and Thanked them for their prays and ask for continued prays as she continues on this Journey. Blessings to All. Loved Miss Molly’s 6 month pictures.. Love Auntie Mary

  5. I’m SO happy to read that you got in touch with Dr. Diamond and she reassured you. I’ve been thinking about you guys, as always!

  6. Always glad to hear the news on Charlotte, and glad to hear the news from Dr. Diamond. Those steriods are miracle drugs, but definitly do things to your body and I’m sure that has alot to do with her counts moving around, she’s a fighter and she will over come, things just don’t always go as fast as we would like. Those pictures of Molly are just adorable, what a cutie and I can certainly see that the girls will be great companions in the next years, have the faith and with all the prayers and good wishes of your vast family, next summer will be a great one Much love from the north woods.

    Uncle Jim and Aunt Judy

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