June 7th, 2011. Day +88   5 comments

Charlotte had her weekly clinic appointment this afternoon.  Dr DeSantes was pleased with how she looked and he was happy to hear that yesterday she was done with the steroids!  She also won’t be needing the phosphate tablets or the acid reducer each day so that is even less that we have to worry about getting in her.  Today she was very cooperative with his exam, something she hasn’t done since before transplant, another sign of her getting off the steroids.  She was also better with getting her port accessed.  She still cried, but not nearly as hard and she recovered very quickly.  She is still on small doses of cyclosporine and will likely be on that for another three months as it is tapered slowly.  Dr DeSantes said she looks great and he won’t need to see her for another two weeks!  She has two weeks off!!!!  He even mentioned she may be starting monthly clinic appointments after only a few more of the biweekly ones!

Some of her CBC numbers looked a little low (her WBC was 4.2 and she had 2200 neutrophils), but her hemoglobin stayed around 12.4 and she had 306k platelets.  Again, Amy and I are trying not to be concerned, because the nurse sure acted like they looked good!

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5 responses to “June 7th, 2011. Day +88

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  1. Yay! It’s wonderful to hear clinic went well today…I’m always thinking of you guys on Tuesdays. Great to see Charlotte playing at the park too! I’m sure she had a blast! Praying for a healthy summer filled with lots of fun!

  2. YEAH! No more steroids!!! YEAH! Fewer doctor visits coming up!!! CJ is so blessed!!!

  3. Hi Elske Family,
    After being up north last week we finally caught up on Charlotte’s blog. We thought the video of her riding in her “Barbie Jeep” was very cute! It sounds likes she’s doing very well and we’re so happy to hear that good news. Grandma and Grandpa also got us up-to-date this week. It looks like you celebrated the good report at the clinic by going to the park. . .what fun! We’re still praying and hoping for the very best for all of you. My, Molly is really growing and in no time she will be up and moving around. Good luck, Amy, is starting back to work. We know you have a very competent sitter. . .can’t beat those Grandma’s!
    With friendship and love, Jim and Judy Vale

    Jim & Judy Vale
  4. So glad that everything is gong smoothly. It takes awhile but the news keep getting better

    Joe & Sue Kaminski
  5. Wonderful news! Such a happy Tuesday & beautiful little girls!!

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