May 31st, 2011. Day +81. Charlotte turns three!   15 comments

Sorry for the late post.  We have had an awesome weekend.  The four of us spent almost two hours at Toys R Us on Sunday picking out toys for the hospital and Charlotte had a great time!  We even let her pick out three for herself (which ended up being more like 7 but who’s counting?).  She never once complained about wearing her mask or us washing her hands half a dozen times while we were there.  She was adorable picking out toys and making the tough decision of which cart to put it into…..hers or the one for the hospital.  She was tired by the end of the trip but it was well worth it.

Yesterday we had a little Purple Party for Charlotte with the Grandmas and Grandpas and she had lots of fun.  As she put it, “everything was purple” from her plates, to balloons, to all of our shirts.  She even had a purple doughnut cake with purple frosting.  She was also able to get outside and play before it got too hot and windy.  She was excited to try out her new bouncy house and acted like a completely normal three year old!  She was so tired by cake time that she burst into tears when we sang Happy Birthday and refused to blow out her candles.  After a much deserved nap, she was ready to try again and blew out all three candles on the first blow!  We definitely missed having all of Charlotte’s aunts, uncles, and cousins present too, but we just couldn’t have that many little ones in direct contact with CJ.  (Thanks family for being so understanding).  I don’t know that we could have asked for a better day. 

We arrived at AFCH about an hour early today to deliver all of the toys and visit with the 4th floor nurses and staff.  Charlotte had a good time handing out Happy Birthday candy bars to all the familiar faces and Molly was excited to show everyone her smile.   The P4 staff sang Happy Birthday to Charlotte right there in the middle of the hallway (no tears this time) and the day treatment staff presented her with a cake and gifts.  Amy’s original goal was to provide AFCH with one wagon full of toys.  As you can see in the picture, we provided them with 1 wagon and 1 double-decker cart!  (Thanks to everyone who gave a gift to help us reach our goal).  Everyone kept exclaiming how good Charlotte looked.  We just couldn’t get enough of that!  Then at clinic, her CBC numbers showed a white cell count of 6.0, hemoglobin of 12.3 and 247k platelets.  Because both our transplant NP and Dr DeSantes were out today we were seen by the NP from 4th floor, the same one that followed her closely during her many months of treatment.  She hasn’t seen Charlotte since our discharge day and she thought CJ looked great!  Dr Diamond also stopped by and was very pleased with how she looks and how her numbers have been progressing.  She is also thrilled with how well Charlotte is continuing her normal development in language (talking our ears off most days), in potty training, and in accepting her new role as a big sister.  Her steroids will continue to be tapered today, leaving us with just 7 more days!  Her cyclosporine levels were also high again today, so that dose got reduced.  Hopefully she will be off these immunosuppressants soon and can really start building her new immune system.

Eight and a half months ago, Amy and I didn’t know if we would see Charlotte celebrate her third birthday.  We are just so proud of her and everything she has endured.  She proved to us again just how accepting she has been of all of this.  While we were visiting P4, she began to get antsy.  Eventually she looked at Amy and said, “I want to go to Charlotte’s room.”  Although we thought we were prepping her for just a visit, here she thought we were being admitted.  So very sweet and so sad at the same time.

While we still have a long way to go before we can even think about calling her cured of this evil, tonight Amy and I are on top of the world.  There were definitely tears today, but they were happy ones.



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  1. Happy tears here too! Happy 3rd Birthday sweet Charlotte! We love you! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Posts like that are worth waiting for every time! I’m so happy Charlottes birthday was so excellent. Wish we could see all of your when we’re up there this weekend, but will settle for just hearing more great news. We have a present from AJ for Charlotte from Mickey that we’ll send over.

  3. Happy 3rd Birthday to Miss Charlotte. Such a wonderful gift.

  4. Bless all of your dear, sweet hearts!!! I haven’t looked at your blog for awhile and I’m so happy to see that Charlotte is doing so well!! She looks fantastic!! My “third” birthday was in December and I’m trusting and praying that Charlotte will have many, many, many more 🙂

  5. What a purple-de-durple-de-day! Sorry about that contrived word but the one I wanted to use, which isn’t a word either, was beyond my spelling imagination. 🙂 Your little CJ has been blessed with such empathy and compassion and grace beyond her 3 years. She is our hero!!!! All of you Elske’s are absolutely delightful people that we’re so glad to know!!s

    😉 sharon schulteis

    sharon schulteis
  7. What wonderful pictures and reading the fun you all had. Happy Birthday sweet little girl. What a wonderful family.

    Joe & Sue Kaminski
  8. Happy Birthday from the everyone at Calvary! And as we always sings here…”and many more!” Sounds like everyone had a a great day. God’s continued blessings to you all.

  9. I thought about you guys throughout the day, hoping Charlotte was having a good 3rd birthday. I’m so glad to hear you guys had a great couple days and Charlotte had a nice birthday.

  10. What a Happy Birthday for little Charlotte, and double-happy milestone for all of you!! Such a full day, but so rewarding, too! Thanks for all the super pictures and great post of all that happened. Lots of love coming your way…

    Aunt Cyndee & Uncle Earl

  11. So glad to hear everything is going great! Happy Birthday Charlotte, here is to many more!

  12. Happy Birthday Charlotte! We are so proud of you, and it has been wonderful getting to know everyone in your family! I love the picture in the Barbie Jeep! Have a wonderful year!!

  13. So glad to hear such wonderful news about Charlotte! She is such an amazing little girl. 🙂 Praying that she will celebrate MANY MANY MANY more birthdays! *Hugs to Miss Charlotte*

    ~Aunt Lynn’s friend from NE

  14. Such wonderful news! Happy Birthday to the beautiful little Charlotte and many, many more. Much love from Auntie Sharon and Uncle Dean.

    Uncle Dean & Auntie Sharon
  15. How lovely to hear such great news and see how well Charlotte is doing! She is an incredible little girl and shows how strong even the smallest of us can be. Lon and Amy, you should be so proud of yourselves! What a hard road to travel….God is surely keeping you in his loving arms! Just saw pictures of Molly today and she is also a delight….you are truly blessed, even when the road seemsvtoughest. hang in there!!

    Denise Roskopf

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