May 28th, 2011. Day +78   12 comments

Not too much new to report here.  Charlotte is still doing pretty well, though her appetite and thirst have really decreased over the last week.  We think that is common because of the tapering of the steroids.  We essentially cut her dose in half this last week and that is a pretty big change.

We are spending the weekend preparing for Charlotte’s 3rd birthday on Tuesday!  We are going to have a little B-Day party with the Grandparents on Monday so she can have some fun and cake, etc.  Tuesday happens to be one of her clinic days where she will need the monthly dose of pentamidine and IVIG so we will be there a few hours.  We hope Toys-R-Us is slow tomorrow because we would like to take CJ shopping to pick out lots of toys to donate to the hospital for the several children there right now going through bone marrow transplant.  We know how wonderful it was to have a full wagon of toys waiting for Charlotte when she was admitted so we would love the chance to lighten the load of other parents going through this time.  We are also planning a return visit to the 4th floor to see the awesome nurses and doctors again!  We hope they haven’t forgotten little Charlotte and they would probably like to see Molly all grown up now.

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12 responses to “May 28th, 2011. Day +78

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  1. Happy B-day, Charlotte. What a blessing it is! Here is to many more wonderful birthdays to come.

  2. I like hearing that there is not much happening!!! That means that everything is going as planned.

    Happy Birthday, dear Charlotte.

    Love & prayers, Ma Kaland

  3. I’m glad to hear things are uneventful and going well! I hope Charlotte has fun celebrating her big day!

  4. Have a super birthday, Charlotte and a wonderful day for the parents and grandparents. A hugh milestone has been made these last 8 + months. So glad the news keeps getting better and better, soon Mom and Dad won’t be able to keep up with the little ones.

    Uncle Jim and Aunt Judy
  5. Can’t wait to see you on Tuesday!! We miss you all! Hopefully Charlotte’s ready for the best jumping contest EVER!! Oh, and happy birthday from all your friends on the 4th Floor.

  6. Charlotte hope you had a super/duper day with your Grandpas and Grandmas Bet that cake with those 3 candles was yummy.Today will be a busy day and everyone one will be glad to see you and wish a Happy Birthday and give good news as we know your a strong Little one . Best of all you are having 2 days of nice weather oh to be outside and have a good time. Have a very Happy Birthday and Love to All. Auntie Mary

  7. I hope Charlotte had the best birthday ever, having her doing so well is got to be a great present for you both! Here’s to the many many more birthdays to come!

  8. Happy 3rd Birthday, Miss Charlotte!! Hope you had a great time celebrating with your Grandma’s and Grandmpa’s yesterday, and will enjoy saying “Hi” to all of your friends at the hospital! Love to all of you…

    Aunt Cyndee & Uncle Earl

  9. Happy Birthday to Charlotte!!! What a great day! And so thoughtful and generous of you all to be doing something for some of the other children and their families! And I’m pretty sure no one has forgotten any of you…

  10. Happy, Happy Birthday Dear Charlotte!!! Three years old and a true lover of “purple” I hear. By the way, did Gpa Elske buy you the purple car you asked for??? 🙂 Have a wonderful day!!!


    Wendy Schulteis
  12. The Schnickels hope Charlotte had a wonderful Birthday!!! Lots of Love!

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