May 24th, 2011. Day +74   8 comments

Today was a good day.  Charlotte and Molly were both very happy and playful.  We took Molly with us to the clinic appointment today as we were given the opportunity to take part in Flashes of Hope, a non-profit agency that takes professional pictures of sick children for no cost.  We had some taken back on September 21st, just 10 days after her diagnosis (see the picture), and they are just precious.  They usually only take one set of pictures of each child unless there is a change in the family, and since we now have Molly, we were told we could go again.  Charlotte is usually not too fond of being the center of attention with pictures and all, but Amy asked her yesterday if she would be willing to smile without her nuk, and she was excited to do it.  So after her clinic appointment, we went and had some great times getting our pics taken.  Charlotte was very cute and happy!!

The nurse practitioner said that Charlotte looks great and that the rash on her hands is not GVHD, so they are continuing with the steroid taper.  Looks like we may only have two more weeks!  We had the np examine CJ first again and the nurse took her blood later in the appointment, but we begged her to get us the CBC numbers today because we hated waiting for them last week.  She arrived with the printout after we had a super cool time with the photographer.  Her WBC is up to 7.1 from 5.6, hemoblogin 12.7, up from 12.4 and her platelets were a beautiful 211k, up from 135k last week.  As many of you remember, CJ’s very low platelet count was what started us down this path in September, so we love seeing counts that are considered normal.  She hasn’t had this many platelets since before her transplant.  We will still need more numbers tomorrow to see how her cyclosporine and mag and phos levels are.  But we are happy with the numbers we saw!

Thanks for your prayers.  Today wasn’t a good day, it was an awesome day.

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8 responses to “May 24th, 2011. Day +74

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  1. Thru tear-filled eyes, I can still manage a big two thumbs up!

  2. Yes, it was an awesome day! My prayers were answered. I am filled with joy and thanksgiving for Charlotte’s smile, her numbers going up, and the fact that grandma can see her soon, after being sick with this virus for a week. What great news ! Keep up to good work, sweetie . G’ma E.

    G'maE and G'paE
  3. Aw, I LOVE to hear about awesome days! I’m SO happy to hear things are going well. Keep up the good work you guys!

  4. Such good news! Can’t wait to see the pictures.

    Uncle Dean & Auntie Sharon
  5. You have all come such a long way since last September and have done such an awesome job of getting to this point. And Miss Charlotte has come thru showing what a strong heart and fighting spirit she has. Great news all the way around. The pictures are terrific. Charlotte is surely going to have a wonderful 3rd Birthday next week! Much love to all of you…

    Aunt Cyndee and Uncle Earl

  6. Praise God for awesome days! I look forward to your postings and the news of each day. The photos are precious! May God continue to bless Amy and you with hope and courage and strength. May His hand always be upon CJ and Molly! You are all GREAT!!!!

  7. Here’s to awesome days!

    Wendy Schulteis
  8. It is always good to get great news. Sorry Grandma was sick. So enjoy the nice weather when it come back. God Bless.

    Joe & Sue Kaminski

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