May 22nd, 2011. Day +72.   3 comments

Things are still going swimmingly here at home.  If not for her bald head and her daily medications, it might be hard to tell that there was ever anything wrong with Charlotte.  But that’s both a blessing and a curse.  We would love to think that we have a completely normal three year old and life will go on without worry.  But it is also too easy to remember what she has been through and that there are still months and years of unknown concerns that could trouble us.  So we try to stay thankful that she is doing great, and hope it continues on for oh, I don’t know…the next 8 decades or so.

Tuesday is our next clinic day.  As per usual, Amy and I are both getting nervous to see what her blood tests show.  We hope the numbers keep Dr DeSantes (and us) happy and we can continue on with the tapering of the steroids this week.  We might be down to only two more weeks to go!

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3 responses to “May 22nd, 2011. Day +72.

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  1. Love your comments, and know it must be hard to keep coming up with such cute ones. The best news is that Charlotte is still doing wonderful, and our prayers are with you tomorrow as she has tests again. Keep up the good work and we love to see the pictures of the family. Much Love

    Uncle Jim and Aunt Judy
  2. Two thumbs up, all around! So happy to hear of Charlotte’s continued improvement, and normal 3 year old behavior. Some wise words from one of our founding fathers — Do not anticipate trouble or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight. ~Benjamin Franklin

  3. Time to listen to big Sis the doctors get paid to worry and yes 98
    .percent of what we worry about does not happen and the other 2 we have no control over. So we will just keep on praying for good things to continue for CJ and the rest of you. Aunt Mary

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