May 18th, 2011. Day +68   2 comments

Not much new to report here.  I forgot that I said I would update with her numbers when we got them.  We got them, 12 hours ago, so here they are.

WBC 5.6, Hemoglobin 12.4, Platelets 135k.  They aren’t as pretty as Amy and I would have liked to see, but the doctors didn’t want us to come back in to retake them so that can’t be all bad.

We know that many of these numbers can fluctuate quite a bit in just a day so we are trying not to worry too much.

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2 responses to “May 18th, 2011. Day +68

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  1. Hey Folks, On June 11, my 5-man team will be riding in the MACC Fund’s Trek100 bike ride to end Childhood Cancer, we would like to ride in Support of CJ. Are you familiar with the MACC Fund? Do you already have a team riding for CJ that we could tag onto?

  2. While we miss the daily posts, we know that life is being enjoyed by the Elske household, and that Amy is kept quite busy playing with both Charlotte and Molly. Two very beautiful little girls you have there – enjoy the play, and try not to focus too much on the numbers. That’s what the doctors get paid to do. Sending love & hugs from Nebraska

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