May 2nd, 2011. Day +52   Leave a comment

I got up early this morning and got the girls some freshly made doughnuts and then headed into work.  It was hard to leave my girls at home, but I know that it would have to happen sometime.  I was greeted with a welcome back party compete with billions of sweet treats.  It was busy at work, and my stomach now hurts, but good to be back.

And today went really well for Amy.  She remained at home to watch the girls.  Molly woke up first as usual and Amy was able to get her back to sleep and take a shower before CJ woke up.  Charlotte had a good day today on the potty chair as well.  She went about 5 times on the chair and only once in her diaper!  It seems like she is getting the hang of it.

Tonight was the benefit for Charlotte and Manny at the Waupun Pizza Ranch.  Stacy and Emily and the girls from the TLC club did another really super job.  They were all busy washing dishes, bussing tables, building pizza boxes and doing everything else necessary to help raise money!  We can’t thank them enough.  We’re amazed by the kindness of strangers!

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