April 26th, 2011. Day +46   9 comments

Charlotte has been doing pretty well at home.  Potty training has been both trying and rewarding the last two days.  For the most part, she is still not happy to change her ways and sit on the potty chair, but she has been successful a few times and gets very happy.  So we will continue working on it and hopefully she will be as excited as we are with her results.

She had a clinic appointment today and Dr DeSantes was unable to see Charlotte because of his schedule.  Instead we met with the transplant NP.  Her WBC is at 8.2, her hemoglobin is 11.8 and her platelets are 188k.  Everything looks as it should, the Nurse Practitioner says.  Charlotte’s rash is almost unnoticeable at times and today it was good enough for them to want to reduce her steroid dose again.  Because she is drinking so much during the day, it was also decided that we can discontinue her nightly IV fluids!  She will need to take a couple of tablets twice a day to keep her magnesium and phosphate levels up.  The home health agency will take her blood again on Friday and those levels will be rechecked after a few days of her receiving them orally.

Her engraftment study results also came in and Charlotte is fully engrafted!  The blood that was taken two weeks ago shows more than 98% of the blood cells grew from the donor’s marrow and less than 2% from Charlotte’s own.  These results are about as good as they can measure and we are thrilled!  Depending on her blood tests on Friday, there may be discussion of removing her PICC line at next weeks appointment.  She will still have weekly clinic visits and blood draws until at least Day +100.  But if it is only once a week, we are certain Charlotte will get used to having her port accessed again.  It will be better than having the PICC line there to possibly get infected.  Her urine test from Thursday also show that her UTI is now gone.  It was a wonderful day.

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9 responses to “April 26th, 2011. Day +46

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  1. Fantastic news! Everything seems to be going so good. The potty training will come. She will “get it” in no time at all. Cute picture with Molly in the background. Hope the sun shines one of these days so Charlotte can get out and play in the yard. Much love…..

    Uncle Dean & Auntie Sharon
  2. FANTASTIC! Best news I’ve heard in…well…a long time! So very, very happy! Can’t stop smiling on this one!

  3. WOW – Way to go Charlotte! Makes my whole day go better when I can start out the morning with great news! Keep it up!

  4. Wonderful news about the engraftment – and all the additional test results indicating everything is going well. Nothing but sunshine!

  5. All such great news, especially about the engraftment! The days are just getting better and better. Charlotte, you are quite a girl!! Lots of love and big hugs and kisses to all of you!

    Aunt Cyndee & Uncle Earl

  6. Great news!!! Charlotte is defintely kicking “The Bad C’s” butt. So proud of the Elske family….and soooooo happy for you to be getting all this good news!

  7. Wonderful! I’m so happy to hear that things are going as well as possible! Yea!!!!

  8. 🙂

  9. Awesome news…full engraftment, reducing steroids, discontinuing IV fluids…it’s about time life gets a little easier for all of you! So very happy! 🙂

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