April 24th, 2011. Day +44   5 comments

Still no complaints from us.  Charlotte is doing just great!  We have been hanging out at home a lot, but today Amy and I got out for a nice long walk with the girls in the stroller.  Molly fell asleep most of the walk, but Charlotte stayed awake and aware of everything that was going on.  I think she missed walking.  I think we all did.  Not that we were ever very active or healthy from walking before CJ got sick.  But with the amount of time Charlotte wanted to walk in the short hospital halls, I vowed to spend more time walking outside when we got home.  And now all we need is some cooperative weather to do so.  She can’t be outside while it is too windy without a mask so we like to just wait until it is more calm before we head out.  She has spent enough time behind a mask to make her wear one just to go outside.

For months, Charlotte has been so good with telling us when she has to go potty, or when she is done going potty.  And she is getting good at holding her potty so she is only going only every 4-6 hours.  By the time she does go, with the amount of fluids she has in her, she almost always leaks through her diaper and pants.  We had wanted to potty train her last fall.  But with the amount of fluids she received every day in the hospital it would not be fair to try to train her and have her go dozens of times a day while we were there.  Now that we are home, we wanted to try again.  But she still hates the idea of sitting on the potty chair and just cries when we have tried to put her on it.  Today I think Amy got a little fed up with Charlotte and her leaky diapers.  She warned CJ that we would try to sit on the potty after she woke up from her nap and she was only on there for a couple of minutes before she went potty!  Tonight Amy sat her on there again and she went pretty much right away again!  We will continue tomorrow and hope she gets the hang of it and doesn’t mind it too much!

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5 responses to “April 24th, 2011. Day +44

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  1. Happy Easter Charlotte and Molly (and Amy and Lon too)!!!! We miss you and love you very much!! Congrats on being a big girl (ps…stickers for a reward that we put on a poster board on the fridge worked wonders for us!!)!!! Keep up all the good work!!!

  2. Check out the little seats that go on the big potty. Saved a lot of headaches in this house! We even had a Dora one! Happy Easter to you all!

    Kim Kirchberg Lafler
  3. Happy Easter from our house to yours! Easter just wasn’t the same without you guys but we know you are right where you need to be. Most importantly the 4 of you were all together in your own home! Can’t think of a better way to celebrate. Yay for potty training! Go Charlotte Go! 🙂

  4. Love seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces! AJ didn’t like the potty chairs either, she only uses the little seat on the “big girl’s potty”. We’ll try and send some of our good weather up there for you.

  5. Yay, for some good potty training news! We are finally making some headway here, too! I hope clinic goes well.

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