April 20th, 2011. Day +40   12 comments

  Charlotte is still doing pretty good at home.  Tonight we start a smaller dose of IV fluids to run overnight so hopefully we will have one less wet diaper to change during the night.  Tomorrow morning we need to put a collection bag on her and get a urine sample.  This is probably her least favorite thing to do in the world.  But tomorrow am is the last dose of the UTI antibiotic so we need to make sure she no longer has the infection.  I hope it goes well tomorrow morning with collecting the sample, then I need to run it to Sun Prairie to the lab.  Then I hope everything turns out clean and happy!

Otherwise CJ is still a little less energetic around the house than we are used to.  We keep thinking that we have come home from a normal round of chemo and that she should be much more active.  But this last one was hardly a normal round of chemo…so we need to realize that this was probably much harder on her than the first four rounds so she will need more time to recover.  She likes to lay on the couch and watch her Netflix TV shows (just like I would do if given the chance)….We have seen all 53 episodes of Go Diego Go probably three times, all 73 episodes of Dora the Explorer three times, all 40 episodes of Wonder Pets likely 4 times.  Every one of the 26 available episodes of Oswald has been watched three or more times.  And I’m sorry Nickelodeon, I know you have done some great things in my time, like Pinwheel and You Can’t Do That On Television in the old days, and SpongeBob AwesomePants and The Ren and Stimpy Show a little later on.  But I gotta say that a guy (me) really gets tired of Fred Savage laughing like a little idiot…he was 25 when he voiced this show. For those of you that don’t know Oswald,  Fred is the voice of this “lovable” (slow) blue octopus that has a daschund named Weenie and friends like a walking talking flower named [surprisingly] Daisy, and a penguin friend, Henry, who is always more grumpy than even me.  But Fred attempts to sound like he is 9 and clueless and it is just creepy.  Ok, enough with Oswald.  Seriously, enough with Oswald.  Once a day or so, Charlotte will surprise us by requesting one of her old standards…Britain’s favorite-Wallace and Gromit (A++), Britain’s favorite Wallace and Gromit spinoff-Shaun the Sheep (A++  For my money, it really doesn’t get any better than Shaun the Sheep.  If you haven’t yet seen Shaun the Sheep, find it and watch it.  Thanks to Tom and Mary for the disc back in September!), Britain’s favorite Shaun the Sheep spinoff-Timmy Time (A++  Not yet available on Netflix.  Boo Netflix. Boo.), or Britain’s most stupid and lamest dog, and spinoff of nothing-Kipper (D-, but he may be better than Oswald).  Trust me-Kipper is not funny.  Not cute.  Not clever.  Not important…maybe Oswald aint so bad.  Curious George and the dope with the yellow hat might just be her favorite.  We only have two different dvds of George and I think we have watched each of them a billion times.  So Charlotte tries to keep it interesting during the days!

So the TV and the Netflix streaming has kept CJ busy and very well entertained.  She is still eating as much as she wants, which is quite a bit.  And she is drinking better than we had ever hoped.  She does look like she is packing on the pounds (see picture).  One might blame it on steroids, lack of exercise, improper diet, the Elske genes, or just the plain old Vitamin D milk she is hogging down.  You can blame it on whatever you want.  I blame Amy for giving me this beautiful little girl (and another that happened to turn 5 months old today!) and creating a family that I just couldn’t live without.  Right now I am finding it next to impossible to tell Charlotte “No” to anything.  As long as the doctors don’t care, Charlotte can have Grandma W’s spaghetti noodles for breakfast.  And again for elevensies, and lunch and then Chinese restaurant’s chicken for 2nd lunch and dinner.  And more noodles for bedtime snack.  And she can request one cereal and eat half of that.  Then watch me eat my different cereal and want a bowl of mine.  I don’t care.  I even got out of bed at 6am the other morning to get chocolate doughnuts from Pick-n-Save before the other customers could breathe on them, and came home and went back to sleep.  Like I said, it is just hard to tell her “No” right now.  I plan on having those conversations with her over the next 20 years…

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  1. Continued prayers! Sounds wonderful your routine! xo

  2. Thanks for the smiles and laughter with my coffee this morning – reading such good news and your “reviews” of the children’s shows. As always, I love the humor you weave into these Journals, I hope you are planning to produce a hard copy version of this for Charlotte to keep and read when she is ready.
    Happy and Blessed Easter Elske Family!

  3. It is so great to read the GOOD blogs and hear the laughter in your voice Lon, I always knew you were a connoisseur of the cartoons on TV! Just think you and Amy can go on Jeopardy and win with your knowledge of medical and etc. Charlotte is looking great and Molly is growing like a weed, guess the Grandma’s took good care of her while you were busy with Charlotte. Just keep up the good work and we’re all looking forward to a year from now when we can all get together and celebrate the new life with Charlotte.

    Uncle Jim and Aunt Judy
  4. Still keeping up with your posts and praying for all of you. Just wanted to comment on Charlotte’s energy level…so normal. I was told it can take up to a year to get your normal energy level back and I would have to say that is true. I don’t know if it is different for a child, but just imagine feeling the most fatigued you’ve ever been in your life and quadruple it…at least! It’s a kind of weakness that’s just hard to even explain if you’ve never felt it. I did a lot of TV and movie watching too. The every day tasks like eating, bathing, getting dressed, are exhausting and most days for the first few months, that was all I could accomplish. It looks like she’s right on track and just doing beautifully! The Lord continue to bless your sweet family and Happy Easter to you all.

  5. We like to call Kipper the stoner dog. Miles loves him too.

  6. Sounds like life in the Elske house is going just fine. The girls are beautiful and Mom & Dad you are just great.

    Easter Bunny should be happy coming to your house and make the Easter Bunny where a mask.

    Joe & Sue Kaminski
  7. Glad to hear that Charlotte is doing well, the pictures definitely show this. Great description of all of the tv shows Lon! Made me smile, same shows that are on at our house often from Netflicks too, I can relate to your sentiments!! We are continuing to keep your family in our thoughts and prayers.

  8. So good to see all the pictures filled with all those beautiful smiles! Charlotte’s recovery is going so well everyone reading her blog is smiling right along with all of you. Hope you guys have a really nice Easter, and that your weather will warm up so you can all enjoy going outside soon. Love and prayers coming your way …

  9. Great post! I was just giggling as I was reading and it and the girls were like, “Mommy, what’s so funny?”. I said, “Uncle Lon is funny.”…and they agreed. 🙂 I totally agreed with you on the Oswald show! Britain’s favorites are a big hit at our house too AND they’re entertaining for adults as well. Bonus! Way to go Britain! But nothing compares to the Disney movies right now. They are #1! Great to hear everything is progressing nicely at home. Charlotte continues to impress and get healthier every day! Love the story about the donut run too! Charlotte and Molly’s mommy & daddy love them very much. No doubt!

  10. Hi I am Lindsay, my mom Debbie Rego works with CJ’s Nana Jean. My sister Kim also went to hs with Amy. I have been keeping Charlotte and your entire family in my prayers. It sounds like she is one truly amazing little lady! So happy to see that she is doing great!

    I also wanted to share that we have 2 little kids as well and we are in love with Shaun the Sheep to!!! We have 2 more discs of Shaun the Sheep that aren’t available on Netflix. I am going to make copies for you and my mom will give them to Jean at the hospital. We have a few other movies we can get to you too. You can only watch wonder pets so many times!


  11. My brother named his dog Gromit after the “Wallace & Gromit” movies. But I didn’t know about “Shaun the Sheep” so will need to share this with him. Your reviews were LOL fun-y! And I totally agree with you, Charlotte will learn boundaries… in the next 20 years! BTW, I had tears streaming down my cheeks after reading about the doughnuts. You rock, Lon 🙂

    Cheryl Batterman
  12. WOW, chocolate donuts for breakfast! I’m coming to your house – way better than cereal!! What a wonderful Easter it is going to be at the Elske home. The Easter Bunny will certainly find Charlotte and Molly in Columbus! God’s blessings continue for your family during this Holy Week. Much love….

    Uncle Dean & Auntie Sharon

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