April 19th, 2011. Day +39   2 comments

Charlotte is still having a good time at home.  She is sleeping well and seems to be feeling okay.  Her rash looks unchanged as far as we can tell.  She has had a few BMs over the last few days so we hope she is going to start feeling better as soon as she starts going on a little more regular basis.

Today Charlotte had her second clinic appointment.  She didn’t need to have her port accessed so it was a little easier on her today.  She had blood drawn and then we waited to see the doctors.  The fellow and Dr DeSantes both saw her and said she is looking good.  Dr DeSantes said “Her numbers are great, she looks real good.  See you next week.”  I like to hear updates like that.

Her WBC was up to 8.1 today!  Her hemoglobin dropped a little bit to 11.3, but her platelets were up to 158k.  They are still impressed with her eating and drinking so tomorrow night we start on even less IV fluids.  She will be at just less than half of what she came home on.  They even said that if her drinking still improves, they might drop fluids altogether next week.  That would be nice.  But it was just good to see the doctors pleased with her progress again.  After what Charlotte has been through over the last 7 months, it warms our hearts when we can leave an exam room with smiles on our faces and secretly high-fiving each other.

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2 responses to “April 19th, 2011. Day +39

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  1. Way to go Charlotte. Good news for all.High Fives are indeed a very good feeling. Keep up the good work. Looks like Molly enjoyed her bath. Both Girls have great smiles and happy looking for all to see. Great updates. Love to All Auntie Mary

  2. Secret high fives are the best! Keep up the good work Charlotte! The girls are adorable!

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