April 13th, 2011. Day +33   2 comments

Charlotte had another good night of sleep and woke up pretty happy considering her mornings are usually busy with vitals and medicines.  Grandpa W visited this morning with Broadway and CJ was happy to see him and he was happy to see all of us!  We didn’t hear from the clinic today so we hope tomorrow will bring us good news about the CMV test.

Charlotte ate pretty well again today and drank even more than yesterday!  Tomorrow we start with the lower dose of steroids and overnight fluids.  We need to watch her rash pretty carefully to make sure it doesn’t get worse as her white blood cells climb.  I got her and Molly in the stroller again today for another good walk.  It was a great day again!

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2 responses to “April 13th, 2011. Day +33

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  1. Glad to hear Charlotte is feeling well enough that you and the girls are able to get out and enjoy the Spring weather ……while it lasted (just a temporary weather set back for a few days). Even better days are coming!

  2. We were happy to read and hear from Gma E. that Charlotte has done very well this first week at home. We’ve enjoyed all the pictures and Charlotte seems so happy to be home. Wow. . . what a big walk she took! I’ll be looking for the new double-wide to be rolling down Sturges St. Our prayers will continue and God’s Blessings. The Vales

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