April 11th, 2011. Day +31   2 comments

Charlotte had another good night of sleep, only waking up for her several wet diapers.  Amy was on time this morning with her IV steroids and that all went well.  CJ was actually very good with her oral medicines

Charlotte loves her Pringles!!!

this morning too.  She ate almost a full bowl of cereal and was in a pretty good mood this morning.  She was very content to just hang out in the living room watching TV while laying down on the couch with her pillow and blanket.

Dr Diamond called and gave us some news.  Last Thursday night, we had to get a urine sample from Charlotte to test her kidney function again and Amy suggested checking for a bladder infection while they were getting the sample.  The early indication was that there was no evidence of any infection.  But Dr Diamond informed us that the urine culture had grown something or other, and now Charlotte has a UTI.  So she prescribed some different antibiotics to start her on today.  Amy went to Madison to pick them up (the closest there was) and Grandma E came over and hung out with the girls and me.  We will have to give CJ another oral medicine twice a day for the next 10 days and then recheck her urine again to see if it has improved.

She woke up from her nap with tummy pains again so we are hoping that this medicine may take care of those soon.  She ate a huge dinner tonight and drank over 14 ounces of both water and milk during the day.  That’s been a steady increase every day we have been home!

Tomorrow we go back for our first clinic appointment.  They will draw some blood for her CBC numbers to see how she is progressing and if she happens to need a

The girls at work! Giving IV meds!

platelet or hemoglobin transfusion.  Dr DeSantes will also examine her and see how she is doing from a transplant standpoint.  Her rash is still evident on most areas of her body, but gets better and worse throughout the day.  There was talk about maybe decreasing her steroid dose tomorrow.  We will have to see how that goes.  She will also need to have her port accessed tomorrow so it can stay clot-free for us to use for the next year’s worth of blood draws after her PICC line gets pulled sometime in the next several weeks we hope.

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2 responses to “April 11th, 2011. Day +31

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  1. Sending lots of good thoughts for a great day at clinic today (even with the icky port access)!

  2. Tears of joy… all around! Love the pic of Molly and it looks like Mommy and Peanut are in true construction mode!

    Cheryl Batterman

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