April 10th, 2011. Day +30.   3 comments

Charlotte slept pretty well during the night.  I ended up staying in the bed with her all night and she only woke up for her wet diapers which we expected because of the amount of fluid she is getting at night.

She loves her cereal!!!

She slept until about 8am when Mommy came in and gave her the IV steroids.

She woke up saying that her tummy hurt and I asked her if she wanted to eat something.  We don’t know if her tummy really does hurt or if she is just getting hungry.  She seemed excited about waffles and syrup so I got to work and opened a box of eggos for her.  She ate one whole waffle and wanted more.  I made her another one and a sausage link too.  She ate some of the second waffle and most of the sausage.  Then she wet her diaper so Amy and I went to change her and get her dressed, remove her IV fluid line, and coat her with hydro-cortisone for the day.  She was not very happy with this process and cried through the whole thing.  She really worked herself up and soon her tummy started hurting.  She eventually threw up and was even more upset.  We think it was related to her being so upset and maybe a too-full tummy.  After she recovered, she laid down on the couch and watched some TV.  She had a little nap too.

Snoozing Molly.

Grandma W stayed the night so she was helping with Molly and CJ today.  It was good to have her here to help watch the kids while Amy worked and I laid around doing little else…I ran to Madison to pick up some things and came back to Grandpa E bringing me home a pork chop dinner from the Clyman Lions lunch.  Good stuff.

Charlotte played pretty nicely this afternoon and rarely had sad moments.  Until we tried to do a bath again tonight.  She had another little mini-meltdown and wouldn’t calm down.  She was in the tub for less than thirty seconds again.  We tried to find out what was bothering her, or why she was crying.  But she couldn’t tell us a whole lot…we think she might be scared of pooping in the tub again and the following cleanup, or maybe she just doesn’t like us to wash her head with the rag anymore.  We tried telling her that she could just sit in the tub and play with her toys and we wouldn’t try to wash her up, but she was still not happy about it.  Hopefully it gets better.  She really loved her baths.

She had a pretty good appetite today and even drank more than yesterday.  So I think we are starting to improve on that.  Her blood pressures were better today too.  Still high enough to require the bp medicine, but not as high as some from the previous days.  CJ is also getting better at taking her oral meds too.  She still whines on a few of them, but today was not a bad day as far as medicines go.  Her rash was improving too, so we only lathered her up twice instead of three times.  Another good day at home.

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  1. I can’t believe today is day +30 already. I’m sure it seems like at least that long for you, though. I’m so glad to hear Charlotte had a good day overall. It’s tough to know why she doesn’t like baths. If it makes you feel any better, sometimes Allie gets upset about her baths, too, for no apparent reason.

  2. What beautiful little girls! How exciting to hear of Charlotte’s continued progress back to health, with her eating and enjoying food again. Hopefully soon bath time will be fun again as well!

  3. So great to hear things are moving right along and you are getting into a home routine. It must be a challenge for mommy & daddy to take on even more of the nursing role now. I applaud you both as you are “wearing many different hats” these days and doing a great job as always! Sorry to hear about Charlotte not wanting a bath…we had a similar situation here last night. Meredith screamed the whole time so I bathed her standing up and got her the “H” out of the tub! She loves her baths too and hasn’t screamed like that since she had sponge baths as a newborn. You just never know sometimes and the poor little ones can’t always tell you why either. Hang in there! I hope today is a great day!

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