April 5th, 2011. Day +25   5 comments

Charlotte had a great night of sleep.  She went to sleep around 8:30 and slept until 9 and only woke up a couple of times.  She seemed happy this morning and even ate a few bites of breakfast.  Her CBC counts are still climbing.  Her WBC is up to 1.8 today and she had 1062 neutrophils.  Her platelet and hemoglobin counts went down but just a tad.

In rounds today, Dr Diamond suggested we remove her morphine basil and scheduled benadryl.  Her tummy pains came and went during the day, but they seemed a little more manageable.  She played and walked the hall, making several laps.  She ate 18 Cheetos before a short nap this afternoon.  Dr Diamond is still planning Friday as a goal date for discharge.  Amy and I would love to take her home, but we want to make sure she is ready to go before we even start getting excited.  CJ’s rash doesn’t seem to have improved a whole lot and she is still hating taking the newest oral meds.  They are so bad that she is against taking the medicines she used to not mind.  We know we are going to go home on them and we haven’t even started steroids yet, so she will need to get used to them quickly because they aren’t going away.  The last thing we want to do is get settled in at home and have to come back in for fevers or rashes or IV medicines or something…

She woke up quite happy from the nap and we got her into a nice bath.  Mommy came back from Columbus tonight and she brought McDonalds!  Charlotte was so excited she ate half a hamburger!!  Though half an hour later she was in extreme pain and is now passed out on Amy’s lap.  She was holding her back in pain, and couldn’t get comfortable.  We are hoping it is nothing more than stomach cramps from eating so much tonight.  Hopefully when she wakes up she will be in a little better spirits.

Well, half an hour later, she woke up on Amy’s lap and was mad that her netflix streaming tv shows had come to a stop.  She seems to be doing a little better now.  We hope it stays that way.  Darn McDonalds…you taste so good.  You are such a temptress yet you stab all of us in the back every time we give in to you.

I hate you.

I love you.



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5 responses to “April 5th, 2011. Day +25

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  1. Love the pictures – It looked like Charlotte was on a mission to leave as she headed for the doors. And The picture with Amy and Charlotte – you can really see how excieted she is for that hamburger and how happy is to see her excietment.

    I saw a fair amount of vehicles next door last night and was hoping it was that you were all home. I guess it was probably the “welcoming” committee getting everything ready. It won’t be long now, hang in there!

  2. You guys are almost done and will be home soon! We have kept Charlotte and you all in our prayers everyday. I have an early picture of Charlotte, Lyle & Lon walking the halls on my wall at work just as a reminder of the fight you all are in.
    Can any of the yucky tasting meds be taken as a pill? If she can have M&M’s you can teach her how to swallow a pill using those. That was how we taught John you start with the mini ones and then move up to the bigger ones. They are about the same size as alot of pills. The other thing we tried were the big TicTacs. It might be eaisier on you all if she can take any of them as a pill. The other thing that works well are bribes of her favorite thing to chance down the taste. Cookies or Skittles are John’s prefered chaser:)

    We love you all and miss you!

  3. So sad to hear of the tummy & back pain, yet so encouraged by seeing Charlotte walking with purse in hand, and eagerly devouring the McDonald’s hamburger! Awesome

  4. It is such a wonderful thing to look forward to reading the blog for the good news on Charlotte’s improvement. It has lightened the load for everyone and especially the family. Charlotte is truly a fighter and and the goal she’s been striving for is not far away anymore. Our prayers are certainly being answered, keep up the good fight Mom and Dad also.

    Uncle Jim and Aunt Judy
  5. I feel the same way about McDonalds. A love-hate relationship for sure! It is kind of funny… any time I treat my kids to their food, they have to go to the bathroom almost immediately when they are done. That has to tell you something right there. Why do they make it taste so good though? I’m so happy to hear that there is talk of you coming home soon!

    Stacy, Dan, Emily, Danielle & Kayleigh

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